What should I do if the quality of sex underwear is too poor

What should I do if the quality of sex underwear is too poor

Understand the importance of love underwear quality

Whether it is adult erotic underwear, or beautiful sexy underwear or European and American sexy underwear, product quality is very important.Good quality and sexy underwear are particularly important. Because these clothes are close to the body, the worse quality, the more likely it will lead to skin allergies and rash problems.

Demolition of the quality of sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, we can distinguish the quality of the quality from the aspects, such as whether the texture of the fabric is uniform, the symmetry of the cutting slices, and the sewing process, and so on.

Choose a brand with word of mouth

If you have high requirements for the quality of erotic underwear, it is recommended to buy well -known brands. These brands usually focus on product design and production technology.Brands like Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Victoria’s Secret are all well -known sexy underwear brands.

The purchase channel must be regular

To ensure the quality of sexy underwear, you need to choose a formal purchase channel. It is recommended to go to a reputable specialty store or official website to buy.In addition, pay attention to comparison prices, and the low price of sexy underwear is likely to be inferior products, and you need to choose cautiously.

Pay attention to washing

Whether it is sexy underwear or ordinary underwear, washing is very important. Washing according to product descriptions, do not strengthen the washing strength and cause damage.At the same time, it is recommended to use professional laundry solution so that this can better protect the quality of sexy underwear.

Replace the aging sexy underwear in time

Sex underwear is usually worn in intimate, and needs to pay close attention to the update of clothes.If the sexy underwear has been used for a long time, it has already appeared aging or wear, and it must be replaced in time.Otherwise, they may cause stimulation and damage to the skin.

Complain to the merchant for inferior products

If you encounter poor quality and sexy underwear when you buy, don’t swallow it, you must complain to the merchant. After all, this is the maintenance of your rights and interests.At the same time, you can also leave relevant evaluations and comments to remind other consumers.

Learn to return and exchange protection

When buying a sexy underwear, you must first understand the return and exchange guarantee of the merchant.For the sake of insurance, it is recommended to choose a business with good return and exchange to ensure that the return and exchange of goods are not encountered due to the quality problems of the product.

Maintenance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has high maintenance requirements. It is recommended to wrap paper during storage to avoid contact with other clothes.At the same time, store in dry places to avoid high temperature and humidity.This can extend the life of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

For the problem of poor quality of sexy underwear, we can solve it by understanding product quality, buying brands, choosing formal channels, paying attention to washing and maintenance, and replacing old sexy underwear.It is hoped that this article can help readers choose a cost -effective sexy underwear.

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