What sexy underwear wears dwarf fat

Wearing sexy underwear, it is also fashionable and matching

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear will undoubtedly enhance the sexy and confidence of women.But for women with short and fat, how to choose sexy underwear that suits them?Whether it is color, tailoring, or styles, it is necessary to carefully match to show the best results.

Color: The right color can be stretched out

For a low -headed woman, some colors can extend their shape.Such as light -colored series, pink, light blue, light purple, etc.With some mesh, lace and other materials, it can give people a slender and capable beauty.

Cutting: Elegant style without losing sexy

For fat women, it is particularly important to choose some appropriate tailoring.A common choice is a V -shaped chest design, which can set off the chest lines well. At the same time, it is appropriately exposed to a little collarbone to make the overall feel softer and elegant.

Style: suitable for your style

Each woman’s dressing style is different, and the selection of sexy underwear is not an exception.For a short -fat woman, it is best to choose some of their own styles, such as sweet, fresh, sexy, etc.However, it should be noted that, on the basis of unsatisfactory representativeness, it is necessary to create your own personality style.

Material: Improve the overall wearing texture

Whether it is a married woman or an unmarried woman, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must not ignore the material texture.Especially for short fat women, it is not suitable for choosing too heavy materials, because this will make people feel too much pressure.You can choose some soft and light materials such as silk and cotton.

Style match: slim underwear to improve leg shape

For women with unsatisfactory leg lines, they can be paired with slim underwear.Slim panties can wrap the flesh of the crotch’s legs without leafing.With black stockings, the leg shape can be well modified and sexy and generous.

Model accessories: Details create a quality texture

Like ordinary wear, sexy underwear needs to be properly matched.For example: a series of similar lines and arcs can add some accessories on the neck, wrist, ankle and other parts, such as necklaces, bracelets, ankles, etc. to enrich the layered sense and bring luxury.

Adjustment of the figure: the breast paste method solves the problem of softness

Many women will encounter a problem when wearing fun underwear, that is, the chest is soft and grows.At this time, you can try the chest sticker method.Before wearing a sexy underwear, lift your chest upwards, and then fix the tape between the chest and the ribs, and then put on the underwear, which can definitely improve and look more beautiful.

Note: Don’t try too tight underwear

For a short and fat woman, when choosing a sexy underwear, be careful not to try too tight underwear.This will appear very unpleasant, and it may be unwell.How to choose a comfortable and effective sexy underwear, you need to depend on your own needs and try more.

Scope of the crowd: fun underwear any population applicable

In the end, it should be noted that the scope of fun underwear is widely used, which is not limited to people who understand underwear knowledge.Any population can wear sexy underwear and enjoy your sexy and self -confidence. This is also the beautiful spirit of sex underwear.

Wearing a sexy underwear is not for others, but for yourself

In the end, the important point that this article wants to emphasize is that wearing sexy underwear represents the sexy and confidence of women, not to please others, but more to buy for themselves.Women don’t have to pay too much attention to the eyes of others, choose a sexy underwear that suits them, be their own master, and show their true self -style.

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