What sexy underwear to wear yellow skin

What sexy underwear to wear yellow skin

The skin color is unique, and sometimes we feel that our skin is yellowish, which brings some trouble to dressing.Especially when choosing sexy underwear, we often lack some practical suggestions.This article will provide you with a few suggestions about the sexy underwear when the skin is yellowed, so that you can shine on the bed!

1. Understand your skin sub -tuning

First of all, you must understand your skin sub -tuning, so as to determine the color that suits you best.Through comparison, you can know whether your skin belongs to yellow or pink.This can be achieved by comparing the exposed shoulders or arms.

2. Sexy underwear suitable for yellow tones

If your skin is yellow, then a cash -colored erotic underwear is best for you.Golden or brown sexy underwear can enhance the gloss of the skin and form a harmonious contrast with yellow skin tone.

3. Fairy underwear suitable for pink tone

On the other hand, if your skin is pink or neutral, then choosing a dark red or dark purple sexy underwear is a good choice.These colors can effectively avoid dull or too bleak skin tone.

4. Choose bright colors

In addition to the color of underwear, choosing a bright color is also a very good choice.For people with yellow or yellowing, some colors can indeed effectively improve the skin tone and make it look healthier and vivid.

5. Choose warm colored underwear

Warm and fun underwear is the best choice for people with yellow skin.These colors can not only increase the body’s gloss, but also improve your skin tone.Choosing water blue, green, bright yellow and pale pink underwear is a very good choice.

6. Replace white underwear

White underwear may have a strong contrast to people with yellow skin, so it is best to replace it with other colors of underwear.If you like white underwear, you can choose some more transparent materials, or add elements with other colors to reduce the adverse effects of white underwear on skin yellow.

7. Choose the fabric with brightness

When choosing sexy underwear fabrics, it is best to choose high -gloss fabrics such as silk.These fabrics have a good gloss, which can increase the brightness of the skin and better set off the skin’s luster.

8. Choose a simple design

Different from people with fair skin, people can try a variety of colors and design sexy underwear. People with yellow skin are best to choose simple and elegant and classic designs.This can not only avoid excessive visual collisions, but also produce good harmony with the skin color.

in conclusion

No matter what your skin is, you will have your own unique beauty. Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you also need to know your skin color and choose the color and style that suits you best.Through the above suggestions, I believe you can better understand how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you and increase your self -confidence and attractiveness.

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