What is the material for sex underwear

1 Overview

Before understanding the material used by love underwear, we need to solve the love lingerie, which is a clothing that is used to increase sexual interest.The manufacturing process of sexy underwear is becoming more and more complicated because it needs to be balanced between comfort and sexy.Therefore, material is one of the important parts of making sexy underwear.

2. Cotton

Cotton is one of the most commonly used materials when making sexy underwear, because it is soft and comfortable, has good breathability, and is very suitable for summer.This material is more common in sexy underwear such as underwear and corset.

3. lace

Lace is a very popular sexy lingerie material, which is very suitable for the above coverage.Its lines are exquisite and have a lace pattern and texture, which increases its charm.It is usually used to make jackets, coats and stage performances.

4. Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is one of the most commonly used materials when making sexy underwear.This material is very tough and durable, and has good elasticity and reflection.It is usually used in pantyhose, socks, socks, and making sexy underwear such as translucent short -sleeved shirts.

5. Silk

Silk is a very high -quality sexy lingerie material, which feels soft and smooth and comfortable.Some silk underwear has extremely thin and transparent features, and is bold and sexy choices.Therefore, it is usually used for very conspicuous sexy underwear, such as personal vests and silk dresses.

6. Leather

Leather and leather products are also common in sexy underwear.This material is very textured and can be used to create some sexy underwear in the role -playing category, such as police uniforms or witch uniforms.However, it is necessary to ensure that the contact with the body is comfortable, which needs to increase attachments such as lining and pads.

7. High molecular materials

Polymer materials, such as polyurethane and carbin fiber, are another common material for making sexy underwear.This material is very light and can be used to make sexy underwear such as tight pants or tights.

8. spandex

Spandex is a common underwear material that can be used to make sexy underwear such as tights, bras, underwear and socks.Its elasticity is very good, it can better fit the body, and its resistance is small and does not limit moving and breathing.

9. Synthetic fiber

Synthetic fiber is a low -cost material for making sexy lingerie.This material is soft and comfortable, but its elasticity is not as good as other types of fiber materials.Some erotic underwear brands use this material for sexy underwear in various scenarios.

10. Summary

The material used in making sexy underwear varies from the brand, and each brand has its own uniqueness.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you should consider the impact of materials on your body and the feeling and appearance you want to get.The most important thing is that sexy underwear should be comfortable and suitable, and it should bring you the necessary self -confidence and charm.

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