What is the classification of sexy underwear and underwear and underwear

What is sexy underwear panties

Interest underwear and underwear refers to the premise of ensuring basic coverage, and pay more attention to showing women’s body and sexy underwear panties.They usually use silk, lace, leather and other materials, and with various lace lace, pearl diamond ornaments and other elements, with visual impact shapes and design attractive eyeballs.Interest underwear and underwear are divided into many styles, and we will introduce them to them.

Sexy pajamas

Sexy pajamas are the most basic type of sexy underwear and underwear. It aims to present the beautiful curve of the female body and the soft and smooth skin.Most of the sexy pajamas materials are used in tulle. There will be some small lace lace or silk nodes in the design. The palette is mainly light -colored, making women look softer and charming.


Interest underwear suits usually include bras, underwear and various accessories, such as socks and gloves.They usually have complex designs, using more dazzling colors and more distinctive borders and details.The secondary function of the sexy lingerie set is to liberate the flesh and bring more fun to couples and partners.

Binding underwear

Resting underwear is an extreme gameplay of sexy underwear and panties, usually made of leather, synthetic fiber or crystal cellulite.This underwear and underwear have a very special shape. After wearing it, it can be briefly restrained to the body, bringing unique physiological and psychological stimuli, and meeting the preferences of some people.For those who buy for the first time, this product is not suitable.

Bib short

Tips are a common style in sexy underwear panties. Its main function is to shape the lines of the waist and hips, and at the same time make women look more sexy and wanton.The design of the camisole is usually exposed and exposed, and with various sequins and lace. It is one of the classics in sexy clothing.

Swimsuit style

Swimsuit style sexy underwear and underwear is a recent popular product. The main feature is that it is more advanced than the ICkini swimsuit, making women feel different when wearing.The color and material of the swimsuit’s sexy underwear and panties are very unique, and it feels very feeling.This product is suitable for women with strong hearts.

Student Nurse

Student nurse is a popular product of sexy underwear and underwear. They usually design the style of nurses and students, making people feel that it is similar to small and fresh.Their minimalist design and high -strength and easy -to -wear characteristics make it the first choice for daily leisure materials.

Dress style

Dress style sexy underwear and underwear is the most perfect product. It is characterized by both inside and outside.In terms of appearance, it is a super short and cute dress, and it is a very frictional sexy underwear and underwear in the interior.This is a good choice when you attend the theme party.

Sexy pantyhose

Sexy pantyhose is one of the important part of sexy underwear and underwear. It has a unique charm because of the unique and sexy female hip shape. When wearing it, it shows a beautiful and delicate skin sensation. It usually uses corresponding texture and quality satin satin.Or knitted fabric.

Leather style

Leather sex underwear and underwear are the tedious category of sexy underwear and underwear. They are usually formed by specific treatment and tailoring from synthetic materials or leather.The characteristics of the leather are the most complex, dazzling, distinctive, and can produce a bit of exotic emotional emotion.Once you wear it, you will fall in love with this style.


Interest underwear and underwear are a very unique product. Different people have different styles. They are endless and constantly innovating, so it is difficult to classify.Sometimes it is impossible to judge their functions and temperament only by style, so we need personal preferences and feelings to choose a certain style.In any case, the original intention of any erotic underwear and underwear is to make women experience more fun and become one of the people who are more confident and self -loving.

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