What equipment does a sexy underwear processing plant need

What equipment does a sexy underwear processing plant need

1. Design software

Any sector needs a design software to help them create sexy underwear styles.There are many such software, such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, etc., you need to choose the required software according to your own needs.

2. Cutting machine

One indispensable device is the cutting machine.In the production of sexy underwear, various fabrics and lace materials need to be precisely tailored.The cutting machine can complete the accurate cutting of a large amount of fabrics in a short time, and the efficiency is quite high.

3. Sewing machine

The manufacture of sexy underwear depends to a large extent on sewing machines.Different types of sexy underwear require different sewing techniques, which means that processing plants need to have a variety of sewing machines.These sewing machines include flat sewing machines, chain sewing machines, bandages, tray bandages, etc. They are responsible for different tasks.

4. Thermal compressor

Interest underwear usually needs to go through multiple processing processes, and may need to be fixed, net shirts, and flat.At this time, the heat compressor is an indispensable device that can fix the fabric into the required shape at high temperature and high pressure.

5. Tape machine

When making sexy underwear, details are unavoidable.In this case, the existence of tape machines came in handy.It can melt the rope, broadband, patch and other materials with fabrics, and suture the closure of the closure.

6. Computer -controlled poly head sewing machine

Unlike traditional sewing machines, the multi -head sewing machine can sew tens of thousands of lines within an hour.And through it, more options can be achieved, such as quickly changes color and texture.

7. Hot fixed equipment

When processing sexy underwear, the thermal fixed equipment can transfer the printed patterns, signs, and other details to the underwear material through heat transfer.This is very important for ensuring that the pattern is true and durable.

8. Plastic machine

Plastic machine is a bonding process equipment for plastic, textiles and electronic equipment.It can accurately position glue to achieve the effect of enhancement, shortening production processes, and reducing production costs.

9. barcode machine

When processing sexy underwear, many times you need to track and record information such as tracking and record information.At this time, the barcode machine is required, and the product information, life cycle, production process, and data generated by the product are identified and recorded by barcodes or QR codes to facilitate production management.

10. Inspection equipment

The quality control of sexy underwear is crucial.There will be some defects in the production process, such as acupuncture, line heads, and so on.Therefore, it is necessary to configure the inspection equipment in the processing plant, and the inspection and verification should be performed to improve the efficiency of the production line to ensure the quality of the final product.Common inspection equipment includes tensile test machines and optical measurement equipment.

in conclusion

In order to ensure high -quality production efficiency, a production -producing underwear processing plant needs to invest in comprehensive investment to ensure the high accuracy of the processing quality and the efficient order processing on the production line.The accurate selection of the required processing equipment is an important step to ensure the quality of sexy underwear products.

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