What clothes are wearing in sex underwear

1 Introduction

As a sexy underwear, sexy underwear often makes women feel confident and sexy.However, the method of dressing underwear has always been a problem, especially how to wear sex underwear in public in public and feel confident without losing.In today’s article, let’s discuss the basic principles of sexy underwear to wear, and create the most matched sexy underwear and clothes for you.

2. Select the clothing according to the characteristics of sexy underwear

In order to make sexy underwear better reflect the sexy characteristics, in the process of overall matching, you need to pay attention to choosing the combination of those characteristics that can set off sexy underwear.For example, you can choose the texture of soft and light texture, and the color is relatively softer than the clothes.

3. Choose the right outer clothes

A piece of underwear can show his sexy temperament in matching, to a large extent depends on whether you can choose the right clothes.You can choose the appropriate loose version of the sweater as the color of the sex lingerie, or you can choose a loose jacket with sexy underwear.

4. Selection of color

The color is also very critical in matching. If you want to show sexy charm, the color of the clothes should be relatively softer than the color of the clothes. For example, it is not too dazzling as black and white.

5. Select skirt matching

If it is matched with a skirt, it is recommended to choose a more close -fitting short skirt or tight skirt for matching, which can show the sexy charm of the sexy underwear well.

6. Matching high waist pants

For those who want to be reserved in match, you can choose high waist pants to match.A sexy erotic underwear, hiding behind high waist pants, wearing the effect of showing the shape.

7. Avoid applying old routines

In the matching of sexy underwear, don’t simply use some of the previous matching methods, otherwise it will destroy the sexy temperament of sexy underwear.

8. Choose the appropriate accessories

For those who want to be more luxurious in matching, you can choose to match some unique accessories or jewelry to match, which can well reflect your temperament.

9. Avoid excessive exposure

In the process of matching, one thing to pay attention to is to avoid excessive exposure to ensure that the overall shape will not appear too vulgar and vulgar.

10. Conclusion

Generally speaking, in the process of dressing underwear, choose the appropriate outer clothes, color choices, try to match the appropriate pants or high waist pants, choose appropriate jewelry for a series of precautions such as matching.It can show the sexy charm of sexy underwear well.

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