What are the sexy lingerie brand agents

What are the sexy lingerie brand agents

In recent years, sexy underwear has been welcomed by more and more people, market demand has continued to increase, and brand agents have become more and more.In this article, we will introduce several well -known sexy underwear brand agents to help you better understand this market.

1. lover-backy

LOVER-BABY is an adult sex product agent, committed to providing consumers with the highest quality of sexual erotic lingerie and sex toys.The underwear brands represented by the company include Playboy, COSMO LADY, BACI, Sanfree, La Perla, Chica Boom and so on.LOVER-BABY has a wealth of product lines and a complete service system, and also provides multiple channels such as Taobao, JD.com, Tmall for sales.

2. Milanna

Founded in 1988, Milana is headquartered in Guangdong and is a professional adult supplies agent.The underwear brands they have covered Wonder Beauty, Cristina, BDY, Leofeel, YouClo, Tassin, etc.Milana always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, service first". The product not only is guaranteed, but also relatively affordable.

3. Moza

As a professional sexy underwear agent, Moza has a strong influence in the market.The brand of its agents includes underwear brands such as XISE, QBI, BSB, ZAZA, SESS, and Eris.Moza’s products are mainly elements such as beautiful, bold, sexy, and are popular in fashion and are loved by young women.

4. Jornery

Jornery is a large -scale sexy underwear agent. The company has 8 warehouses in South China, with more than 300,000 inventory products.In terms of brand, the underwear brands represented by Jornery are Dearlove, Ayami, Sherry, Fanvank, etc.Jornery also has underwear with its own brand, such as Sexysleep, Sextown, which has been widely praised by the market.

5. Sexy heart

Established in 2004, the sexy heart headquarters in Shenzhen became one of the leaders of domestic sexy underwear e -commerce.The company has two its own brand Sexy Time and Sexy Story. In addition, Sexual, Fantasy, Lacattura, and Kiss Me are typical sexy underwear brands.The sexy heart is known for stable quality, characteristic design and preferential prices.


Miss SIX was founded in 2004 and is an adult sex lingerie agent with an influence of international brands.The brands of agents include Passion, BACI, ODA, Fuku, Jlove, ISHOW and so on.With the continuous expansion of the brand, Miss SIX has gradually entered the mainstream domestic market.

7. Honey Love

Miss Love is the leader of domestic adult sexy underwear sales. The brand’s brands include Maggie, Loverlam, Alike, Omien, Jasnei and many other well -known brands.The company has its own factory for product production. A large amount of high -quality products are guaranteed and the price is affordable.

8. Lacheli

In the adult product agency industry, Lacheli’s influence is also very powerful.The underwear brands they are in their agents are mainly playful, elegant, and sexy, such as Something, Chaoshenme, Jumbo, etc.Compared with other sexy underwear brand agents, Lacheli’s positioning is relatively high -end, suitable for consumers who pursue quality.


The sexual underwear brand agents mentioned above have their own characteristics, covering the price range from high -end to civilians, different styles and different customer needs.Choosing a sexy underwear brand that suits you is the key to the success of single store operations and chain operations.

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