What are the lyrics of sexy lingerie songs

What are the lyrics of sexy lingerie songs

1. "Interests of Lingerie"

The lyrics of this song are very clear, and the theme is directly clicking: sexy underwear.The singers in the song described the various characteristics of sexy underwear, such as "black and white fine stripes, exquisite design", "red lace, sexy and charming", singing various uses and characteristics of underwear.

2. Lingerie

The lyrics use a variety of adjectives to describe sexy underwear, such as "fashion", "full of temptation", "charming curve", and "mysterious" and "seductive", especially the latter to accurately shape the sexy underwear.Features and charm.

3. "S & M"

This song shows the theme of sex more straightforwardly, and the lyrics echo the charm of sexy underwear: such as "Chains and Whips Excite Me", "Let’s Play A Game, Play A Game", etc.Various "games" you want to try after sex underwear.

4. "Like A Virgin"

This classic old song tells the first sexual intercourse feeling of women. The lyrics of the singer’s "like a virgin" means that the freshness is restored in sexual experience, and wearing a sexy underwear in the songCome to new sexual stimuli, new challenges.

5. "Love to Love You Baby"

This song mainly conveys the experience of sexual pleasure, and the lyrics just tell the elements of sexy underwear as an element of a story, which reflects its importance and indispensable existence.charm.

6. "Hungry Eyes"

The lyrics show that some people want to use interest underwear to enhance their self -confidence, which looks more sexy, thereby stimulating the initial attempts of others, and also reveals the cultural value of underwear.The lyrics show that some people want to use interest underwear to enhance their self -confidence.

7. "Show Me Love"

The role of sexy underwear is a small element that is stubborn. Sometimes it can help you build self -confidence, which may bring you a new experience and stimulus with your partner.The lyrics of this song show the clear distant blessing emotions and the professional spirit of Unfeignedness, which hinders your fate to a better direction.

8. "Sugar"

This unique song is a tailor -made work for couples. The sexy underwear in the lyrics becomes particularly attractive because of her pureness.The lyrics reflect the important relationship between love underwear between couples. It is a manifestation of love and a release of sexual desire.

9. "Justify my love"

This lyrics are short and refined, showing the appeal of the partner, and want to be released in the behavior of physical and others.Similarly, sexy underwear is depicted as an indescribable temptation to highlight the theme of the song: the desire to satisfy sexual pleasure.

10. "Bed of Lies"

The fun underwear in the lyrics is used as a good metaphor, telling people to deceive it is very stupid and desperate because it cannot be truly satisfied.Similarly, sexy underwear is a metaphor of temptation in the song, with a charming sign of someone.


As a special clothing, sexy underwear is also widely used in artistic creation. This special creativity comes from many expression of sex and love.Especially in some sexy lingerie songs, the exploration, expression and enjoyment of love and sex through this clothing shows that sexy underwear is a deep connotation of a cultural symbol.

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