Wearing a sexy underwear shy to him

Wearing a sexy underwear shy to him

In sex, sexy underwear has become a must -have for partners.Interesting underwear plays a sense of sensory experience to enhance sex, allowing people to get greater satisfaction in the process of sex.Although sexy underwear has been popular for many years, many women are still shy to put on them.This article will explain why wearing erotic underwear will be shy and provide some methods to help you cross the difficulty.

1. I feel exposed

When wearing sexy underwear, many women feel more exposed than usual.This makes them shy.Psychologists explained that this is because wearing fun underwear can change people’s perception of their physical image and appearance.Wearing a sexy underwear will make women feel more sexy and teasing, and expose more skin.This will cause pressure and anxiety about women’s psychology.

2. Afraid of being degraded

Another reason to shy women is that they are worried about being degraded by their partners.Wearing a sexy underwear can make women feel more sexy, but it will also make them feel more fragile and exposed.If your partner does not appreciate sexy underwear, or feels that women are having sex underwear to lie to him, then women will feel very sad and ashamed.

3. I feel uncomfortable

Wearing a sexy underwear sometimes causes some discomfort to women’s body.Some sexy underwear is relatively tight, and some materials are not breathable, which will make women feel uncomfortable.In the early wearing process, how to adapt to the tightness and appearance of sexy underwear is also a challenge.

4. Lack of security

Women may lack a sense of security when wearing sexy underwear.Many women think that sexy underwear will make them look too notary.Wearing a sex lingerie revealed a more personal side of women. If they have any self -awareness and negative emotions, they will observe whether they have received attention and whether they are controlled by their partners.

5. Unconfident in figure

Many styles of sexy underwear are relatively tight or see -through, which is different from some conventional women’s underwear.Wearing a sexy underwear will make women feel tighter and more exaggerated. At this time, unconfidence in the figure will inevitably increase, making women feel more ashamed.In this case, they may have some negative and frustrated thinking.

6. I don’t know how to choose

It is not easy to choose a sexy underwear.Many women do not know the models and styles of sexy underwear, and they do not know what they will look like when they wear it.Women will feel that this is a problem, and it will make choices a very difficult thing.

7. Falling in a stalkin

Interest underwear is just a tool to increase sexual experience, but some women may regard it as the focus of the whole sex process.This will make them a rigid structure.When they don’t know how to wear it naturally and feel awkward, they may be in a state of stalemate.

8. Cross -shy obstacles

Although wearing a sexy underwear can make women feel shy, it is important to cross the obstacle to shyness.The first step is to trust your partner.Communicate with your partner and let him know what these outfits mean.Another method is to choose sexy underwear suitable for your body, character, and emotion, which will make the whole process more natural and relaxed.

9. Be self -confidence

Wearing erotic underwear can enhance women’s charm and self -confidence, making them feel more comfortable and free in the process of sex.Sex underwear makes women’s body curves, sexy, and attitude more beautiful and restrained, which will improve women’s self -feelings and self -confidence.This will improve women’s overall emotional feelings and improve their performance in sex.

10. Summary

The last thing to say is that it is not a bad thing to be shy when wearing a sexy underwear.We all have a sense of shame, which is a normal emotion.Women can take various measures to overcome the shyness of sexy underwear to wear, so as to obtain a more confident and sexy feeling.

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