Wearing a sexy underwear show

Wearing a sexy underwear show

Interesting underwear, as a new type of clothing in modern times, has been widely used in various fields, especially in the field of sexual culture, and has huge market demand.Wearing sexy underwear can not only bring sexy visual impact, but also improve love life to a certain extent and improve quality of life.Among many styles, the opening and fun underwear is particularly popular.So, what should I pay attention to when wearing a sexy lingerie show?The following will be explained in detail.

1. Understand the type of sexy underwear

There are many forms of opening sexy underwear, such as the crotch opening type, the rear waist opening, and the opening of the hem.Before buying a suitable opening and sexy underwear, you need to understand the differences between various types and determine the type you need.

2. Select the right color

Color is one of the most attractive elements in sexy underwear, and it is usually designed with more dull colors such as red, black, and purple.Choosing a suitable color opening sexy underwear can better show your charm.

3. With the right panties

The choice of underwear for the opening of the stall is also crucial.It is recommended to choose thin and transparent thongs or stockings, so as to better show the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

4. Pay attention to texture and materials

The texture and materials of sex underwear are also important considerations.High -quality materials can make the entire clothing softer and more comfortable, better texture and gloss, and can show their own personality better.

5. Pay attention to length and size

When choosing to open the stall sex underwear, pay attention to the matching of length and size.Generally speaking, the length should not be too long or too short, because too long or too short of sexy underwear will make the whole person look disordered.For the size of the opening port, you need to choose according to your body characteristics.

6. Consider occasion and tense

When wearing a sexy underwear for showing the show, you also need to consider the occasions and tense issues.For example, making a sexy underwear show in private occasions appear more freely and indulgent; more attention is needed in public.

7. Pay attention to hygiene

When wearing a sexy underwear for showing the show, pay attention to keeping hygiene and cleaning to avoid bacterial infections caused by hygiene problems.Before getting in touch with others, you need to keep your body clean.

8. Show self -confidence and sexy

Finally, wearing a sexy underwear shows the show of confidence and sexy.Through the correct standing and expressions, he shows his own style and makes people feel their charm.


Wearing a sexy underwear shows the fun and fun, but you should also pay attention to it in the dressing and choice.At the same time, for the choice and matching of sexy underwear, you also need to consider your own temperament and body characteristics. Choosing the right erotic underwear can truly show your beauty.

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