Wear short hair selfies in sexy underwear

Wear short hair selfies in sexy underwear


Now, more and more women choose to wear sexy underwear, and there are more and more sexy lingerie styles, with a lot of tricks.It is also because wearing a special style of sexy underwear can not only regulate your emotions, but also improve your self -confidence and make your heart stronger.Today, let’s talk about how to wear sexy sexy underwear, use short hair with selfie to show the most beautiful ourselves.

Choose a professional sexy underwear brand

If you want to wear sexy sexy underwear, you must first choose a professional sexy underwear brand.A good brand can not only help you choose a more suitable style, but also provide more professional services.For example, the brand’s professional consultant will provide more targeted product suggestions based on the advantages and deficiencies of your different figures to achieve a balance between cost performance.

Choose a style that suits you according to your personal figure

Different figures need to be matched with different styles. Too large or too small sexy underwear will bring discomfort.For example, women with plump breasts can choose underwear with smaller chest cups, so as to challenge themselves.Instead, women with flat chests can choose a more sexy underwear with a bra to make the chest look fuller.

Choose different styles of sexy underwear carefully

There are a variety of sexy lingerie styles, from thin and lightweight lace underwear to bright silk pajamas.Therefore, it is important to choose the taste and style that suits you.Sexy is not showing off, but showing inner self -confidence.Therefore, we must choose the style and taste that suits us according to our personality, and avoid being too exposed or too enchanting.

Move your own physical conditions and upload selfies

After choosing a sexy underwear, you can take pictures with short hair.Wearing sexy erotic underwear, with your short hair to make yourself more confident and beautiful.However, when uploading a selfie, you must choose the conditions of your body carefully to avoid excessive exposure and affect the experience of beauty.

Pay attention to makeup and shape before taking pictures

Before taking pictures, we must carefully make makeup and choose our own hairstyle.If the makeup is exquisite and natural, don’t be too strong. The shape should be corresponding to the style of your own sexy underwear to achieve a more charming effect.

Choice of photography environment

Every woman hopes to retain her most beautiful side through selfies, so it is important to choose a suitable shooting environment.You can choose soft lights and beautiful background music to take pictures, so that you can feel a wonderful feeling.

Select the best photos

After taking the photo, we must carefully screen out the most beautiful photos taken.You can choose the best and sexy photos according to your aesthetic standards, so as to truly show your beauty and sexy.

Share photo

The last step is to share photos.Whether it is sharing to the circle of friends, ins, or other social platforms, it will make us feel happy and proud.At the same time, I also hope to be supported and recognized by friends.

in conclusion

Wearing a short hair selfie in erotic underwear is a way to show women’s confidence and beauty.We need to choose a sexy underwear brand that suits us, with a style that suits us, carefully selects different styles of sexy underwear and shapes, and finally shows our most beautiful side through selfie.

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