Wear sex underwear notes


Interesting underwear is indispensable, it brings unlimited sexy temptation and ultimate enjoyment to people.But how to choose and wear sexy underwear is a big problem. Below I will share some notes wearing sexy underwear, hoping to help those in need.

Style selection

First, you must choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body.For girls with flat chest and smaller hips, you can choose a pink series or silver series sexy underwear. These colors can ease the shortcomings of the body.Women with full figure can choose a red or black series. These colors can highlight the curve of the figure and highlight their charm.In addition, you should also pay attention to choosing underwear that are suitable for your own, such as milk stickers, briefs, and open crotch pants.

Pay attention

When wearing a sexy underwear, the size is very important, and the inappropriate underwear can affect the overall effect.Therefore, you must measure your body size and choose the appropriate size before buying a sexy underwear, so as to put the underwear more comfortably and show the best results.

Fabric selection

The fabric of sexy underwear is also very important.Choose a comfortable, breathable, soft and smooth fabric to ensure that you can feel comfortable and natural and durable during the wear process.Most of the sexy underwear uses lace, silk, or light fabrics. These fabrics are soft, comfortable and touching.


Pay attention to matching with sexy underwear.If you wear it in public, try to choose a simple and bright top to make the underwear the highlight of the entire shape.If you wear it in private, you can choose sexy underwear with sexy high heels, so that you can show your sexiest side.

Wearing skills

Wearing sex lingerie needs to pay more attention to skills.Some underwear needs to be put on by themselves, such as milk stickers and open crotch pants. At this time, pay attention to the soft operation. Do not damage or get the underwear.At the same time, check it carefully after putting on underwear to ensure that the overall effect is in the best state.

Sexy lingerie care

Sex underwear requires good care to ensure their quality and life.Do not use the washing machine to wash the sexy underwear. It is recommended to use hand washing or dry cleaning. Wipe it gently with a wet towel.At the same time, do not directly expose the sun or wear humid underwear to avoid damaging the texture and fabric of sexy underwear.

Common misunderstanding

Some people think that sexy underwear exists only to meet the needs of men. In fact, sexy underwear is for women’s own enjoyment.Wearing sexy underwear can make women more confident, sexy, and improve the quality of life and happiness.Therefore, sexy underwear should not be just a man’s benefits. Women should also buy suitable sexy underwear for themselves to make themselves more sexy and confident.

Self -exclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear is a sexy and enjoyable experience, but not everyone will accept this experience.If you have any discomfort or unpleasant experience, do not force yourself, you can try other ways to relieve stress and relax your body and mind, such as exercise, travel, reading, etc.


Wearing sex underwear is an art, sometimes patient and skills are needed.From choice, size, fabric, matching to wearing and care, every step needs to be paid attention to, and avoid some common misunderstandings as much as possible.No matter which sex underwear you choose, you must be confident and comfortable when you are worn, making yourself the sexiest and most charming one.

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