Wear a bow of sexy underwear

Wear a bow of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a necessity for female friends to add confidence and charm at the same time.The sexy underwear with a bow is undoubtedly a cute color and romantic choice.This model of sexy underwear can bring you a balance between sexy and cute, making you sometimes charming and dazzling in front of your partner, sometimes cute and touching.This article will introduce the taboos and taboos of sexy underwear with a bow.

Choose the right style

When choosing a sexy underwear with a bow, you need to consider your body and body.If you want to show the perfect body proportion, you can choose a high -waisted style to lengthen the leg lines. If you are not satisfied with your belly, you can choose lace styles such as lace or embroidery to cover your small belly.

Choose the right color

You can choose light pink, light purple or pink and other colors with sexy underwear with bow.These colors can create a fresh and romantic atmosphere.Black and red are also a good choice, which can give people a sexy feeling.

Pay attention to the effect effect

The choice and location of a bow are also crucial.The embellishment of some small bows will look very cute, and the big bow is very sexy.The position of the bow can be placed above or below the underwear cup. The bow on the belt is also a good choice.

Pay attention to match

When you choose to wear a sexy underwear with a bow, you must remember to match the appropriate coat.You can choose the appropriate transparent lace or gauze to add a sense of mystery.Don’t choose to wear too tight clothes, otherwise it will look tight and uncomfortable.

Choose the right underwear

It is also important to choose the right underwear when wearing a bow of bowls.You can choose the same color or the same style underwear to match.Transparent materials or lace panties are also very suitable.

Attention to detail

When choosing a bow with a bow, the details are also very critical.Pay attention to check whether the hook eyes, loose bands and straps are comfortable to avoid abandoning the style in comfort.

Pay attention to maintenance

When wearing a butterfly knot -dirty underwear, pay attention to maintenance, not machine washing.You can wash it with cold water hands or choose a special washing bag to avoid friction.After drying, you can also use buffer chest pads to avoid deformation.


Interesting underwear with a bow can not only bring hope and courage to women, but also can become a popular fashion item in daily wear.Of course, the sexy underwear of wearing a bow is not suitable for everyone. You need to choose and grasp according to your body and temperament.I hope that every woman can find a balance between sexy and cute.

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