Want to wear sexy underwear for my husband

Why do you want to wear sexy underwear for your husband

The main reason for wanting to wear sexy underwear for her husband may be to inspire the passion between husband and wife, increase sexual interests or celebrate special festivals or anniversary.No matter what the reason is, wearing sexy underwear can make your sex life more colorful.

Choose the right style

To choose a fun underwear for your husband, you must first choose the appropriate style according to his personal preferences and figure characteristics.If he likes sexy and exposed, he can choose a split -type and hollow underwear. If you like to be simple and generous, you can choose a simple and smooth -line underwear.

Pay attention to the matching of the size

When buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the size matching, otherwise there will be incompatibility and affecting aesthetics.Before buying, you can understand the bust, waist and hips of your husband, and select the size suitable for him according to the size watch.

Choose the right fabric

There are many types of fabrics in sexy underwear, and common ones are silk, lace, cotton, etc.Choosing the right fabric depends not only on the husband’s preferences, but also consider the comfort and breathability of the fabric.

Consider comfort and convenience

Wearing erotic underwear must not only be beautiful, sexy, but also comfortable and convenient.Don’t choose too complicated styles, choose to wear and take off with simple and high comfortable underwear.

Cooperate with other elements

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to cooperating with other elements, such as hairstyles, makeup, accessories, etc.These will affect the overall effect.

Pay attention to the processing of small details

When wearing a sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to handling some small details, such as whether the shoulder strap is adjusted to the position, selecting a pair of sexy high heels, etc. These can make the overall effect better.

Enhance the atmosphere and guide behavior

When wearing sexy underwear, you can guide the atmosphere and guide your behavior.For example, prepare candles, petals, etc., set romantic music in advance to let her husband feel a passionate atmosphere.

Try freshness properly

If you want to make sex more colorful, you need to try your sense of freshness.Choosing different sexy underwear can make her husband feel different stimuli and stimulate their sexual interest.


If you want to wear a sexy underwear for your husband, you can try it, no matter what the reason, you should try to choose the right style, match the appropriate size, and choose the appropriate fabric to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of the wear., Try the freshness appropriately.

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