Vacuum sex lingerie fashion performance BT seed

What is authentic and sexy jelly

Vacuum erotic underwear is a underwear wrapped around the body and pulled out the air with a vacuum pump.This underwear forms a tight plastic film on the body surface, which can show a feeling similar to naked.Vacuum erotic underwear provides users with a challenging sex experience, especially on party or surprise.

Vacuum sexy underwear types

Vacuum erotic underwear has different types and styles.These include vacuum sheets, vacuum sleeping bags, vacuum near -body clothes and vacuum tape.Vacuum erotic underwear is suitable for men and women, and can be used for some special occasions, such as nightclubs, sex parties, etc.

Vacuum sexy underwear making materials

Vacuum erotic underwear is usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).This material plays an important role in creating a vacuum environment.The toughness and softness of PVC materials make the lively sexy underwear suitable for tightly wrapped the body and can be repeatedly used after use.

How to use vacuum sex underwear

The use of vacuum sex underwear is relatively simple. Just fit the body surface of the plastic film, and then use a vacuum pump to pull out the air.Note that during the operation, please make sure not to bind any part of your body too tight or loose.

The advantages of vacuum sex lingerie

Vacuum sex lingerie provides a unique sexual experience, and users are excited and excited.Use in special occasions, such as party or party, can add some surprises and stimuli elements, while adding intimate experiences.In addition, vacuum sex lingerie can also be used as an innovative way to play with partners.

The disadvantage of vacuum sex lingerie

Compared with his interesting supplies, there are some disadvantages of vacuum sexy underwear.First of all, for some users, this device may cause panic, especially at the first time.Secondly, improper use may cause minor damage to users, such as squeezing or hypoxia.

How to maintain the lively sexy lingerie

In order to ensure the durability of the real fun underwear and maintain hygiene, correct maintenance is necessary.Vacuum sex lingerie should be washed and disinfected regularly to ensure hygiene and prevent odor.When cleaning, you should first draw as many air as possible, and then use a wet cloth or a dedicated cleaning agent for cleaning. It is best not to use the washing machine.

Market price of vacuum sex lingerie

The price of vacuum sex lingerie is different from the brand, type and unique design.At present, the price of vacuum sex underwear is between 100 yuan and 800 yuan, but customized styles may require this range.

The safety of vacuum sex lingerie

When using real -time sexy underwear, be sure to achieve appropriate protection and precautions to ensure the safety of use.Please check the guidance in the package before use and strictly follow the instructions of the use.For those who have any physical defects or the risk of physical damage to the body, it is not recommended to use the lively sexy underwear.

in conclusion

In short, vacuum sex lingerie is a kind of innovative erotic supplies that provides users with a different experience.Although it has some shortcomings and special requirements, it is a interesting way to increase sexual experience.

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