Unit installed a special creative sexy underwear

Unit installed a special creative sexy underwear


As a professional sexy underwear practitioner, we found that more and more units have begun to provide employees with sexy underwear as work uniforms.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that sexy underwear can meet the corporate image and meet sexy requirements, so we have specially developed a special creative sexy underwear.

design concept

When designing creative and interesting underwear, we use the concept of combining "sexy" and "career" as the design direction.While ensuring the appearance of the underwear, it must also have a comfortable and beautiful texture.Design points include: showing sexy and noble, cutting version fit, generous, beautiful and atmospheric.

Material selection

The material of creative sexy underwear needs to be soft and comfortable, and at the same time, it can breathe, so that employees can be decent at work.The two materials of polyester fibers and spandex are cost -effective, and can well meet the basic needs of creative sexy underwear.

color match

The color matching of creative erotic lingerie needs to show elegance and low -key, but also has sexy characteristics.Black and white gray three -color is the applicable color of creative sexy underwear, simple and capable, echoing corporate culture.

Style selection

In the choice of creative erotic underwear, we recommend choosing a relatively simple and reflecting style of employees’ beautiful figure lines.For example, the popular elements such as stripes, grids, and ripples can make underwear that will not appear extraordinary even if they wear in office occasions.

Size specifications

Different size specifications of creative sexy underwear can better meet the wearing needs of various employees, and at the same time can also reflect the humanized management of the enterprise.According to data, the M code is the most popular number, but we also need to appropriately increase the output of other code to meet different needs of employees.

Fine craftsmanship

In terms of creative sexy underwear, we pay attention to every detail, and every detail must achieve fine and beautiful effects.We adopt a variety of processes such as flat -car seams, four -line and six stitches to ensure the quality of underwear, so that employees can be more comfortable during wearing.

Additional features

In order to meet more needs, we have also added additional functions such as built -in remote control motor and shaft shaft. Employees can work with underwear to work with our underwear, and at the same time protect employees’ privacy and make employees more comfortable.


The design concept of creative erotic underwear is a combination of sexy and occupation. Its style is simple, generous, comfortable and beautiful, with diversified size specifications, and also has additional functions.Enterprises choose creative erotic underwear as employees’ work uniforms, which can not only ensure the employee’s work image, but also meet the sexy needs of employees. It is a good choice.

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