Unforgettable erotic underwear


Interesting underwear, this vocabulary has a hot and stunning mood.From the traditional sexy underwear to the various novel styles of the present, sexy underwear has become an essential part of many people’s daily wear.Today, what I want to say is my unforgettable sexy underwear experience.

Sudden surprise

At that time, it was my boyfriend and my boyfriend who spent the second anniversary of our relationship. In order to surprise me, he specially purchased a beautiful set of erotic underwear to give me.When I opened the gift box, the whole person was deeply shocked by the red lace sex set inside.

brand introduction

This set of sexy underwear is from the well -known sexy underwear brand Honey Birdette. This brand was born in Australia. It focuses on production of sexy underwear and various accessories. The brand style is unique and the price is relatively close to the people.


The style of this set of sexy underwear is a close bra and one -third of short underwear. They all use the design of lace and silk fabric.More sexy.

size selection

When choosing a sexy underwear, the size selection is a key step, because only the appropriate size can make you more comfortable to put on underwear.The size selection must be combined with your own body curve and size so that you can buy the sexy underwear that suits you best.


Putting on this set of fun underwear, the first impression I feel is that the comfort is quite high. The personal version of the design makes the body curve more wonderful. The top of the head is lifted, the chest is highlighted, and the true "sexy" is broken.


Every kind of sexy underwear has suitable occasions, and this set of love underwear is not just Valentine’s Day or anniversary.Put on it to take a vacation, or you can be your best partner when you are shopping.

Reaction with boyfriend

When I put on this set of sexy underwear in front of my boyfriend, he was suddenly surprised. He thought that I put on this set of sexy underwear more sexy and charming, which also promoted the emotional communication between us.

Final summary

Unforgettable erotic underwear, everyone’s unforgettable is not the same. When you wear sexy underwear, it inserts your life like a wedge.Your own sexy underwear, welcome every beautiful challenge.

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