Uncoded erotic underwear number

What is an uncoded erotic underwear?

Uncensored underwear refers to the sexy underwear that is not printed with any signs or numbers during the manufacturing process.

Why is there any code sexy underwear?

Uncoded erotic underwear is usually produced by foreign manufacturers. Their manufacturing principles are to maintain privacy, so they will minimize any identifiable signs as much as possible.

What are the numbers of no -code erotic underwear?

At present, the main numbers of the uncle -free sex underwear are the following: SM, SB, AV, Sky, Heyzo, Tokyo Hot, 1pondo, Caribbeancom, Heyzo, Jav HD, etc.

What does SM mean?

SM refers to "Sadomasochism", "sexual transaction between abuse and abuse and abuse."This number is usually related to SM elements such as breast bundling and spanking.

What does SB mean?

SB refers to "Saddle Bag", a combination of words from English words Saddle and Bag (bag).This number mainly refers to the erotic underwear wearing women with small abdomen fat and relatively thick thighs.

What does AV mean?

AV is the abbreviation of "All Video", including the representative number of all domestic and overseas adult videos.In China, AV has been widely used to refer to Japanese yellow movies.

What are the characteristics of other numbers?

Heyzo and Tokyo HOT are relatively special numbers, known for special shooting technology and high -quality films.Caribbeancom, 1pondo, and Jav HD are mainly targeted at different ethnic groups with different hobbies, and have developed different categories of sexy underwear.

Is there a legal compliance with the code sex underwear?

In mainland China, the sales of sexy underwear are stipulated by law, and sellers must comply with laws and regulations.However, because the uncoded erotic underwear is essentially a private item, its legal status is not very clear, and each seller needs to decide on its own.

Possible risks of uncle sex underwear

Since the manufacturer does not mark any signs or numbers, if the user needs to return or perform maintenance, the source of the product will not be tracked.

in conclusion

Although unclean underwear can ensure privacy to a certain extent, because its manufacturer does not mark any signs or numbers, users need to choose a regular seller during the purchase process.In addition, consumers need to choose according to the characteristics of various numbers and their own needs before purchasing to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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