Tide -up water Interests from shame from shame

Tide -up water Interests from shame from shame

What is tide -up water and sexy underwear?

The tide -raising water is a new type of sexy underwear. Its special fabric has the function of absorbing water and swelling. When it encounters water, the fabric will absorb and swell, making the shape of the underwear more plump and three -dimensional.

The characteristics of tide -up water sexy underwear

The biggest feature of the tide -ups and interesting underwear is that while maintaining sexy and beautiful, it can also be exempted from shame.Because the underwear will expand and fit the body after absorbing water, it will not easily slide from the body, so that women can avoid the embarrassment of frequent adjustment on inappropriate occasions.

Trendy Water Interesting Underwear Style

At present, the tide rising water is rich and diverse. There are corsets, conjoined pantyhose, suspenders, etc., as well as various colors and patterns to choose from.Different styles can be worn with different occasions to bring more choices to women.

How to use tide -raising water and sexy underwear

The use of tide -ups and water -raising underwear is very simple, just rub the underwear into the water and rub it slightly.Due to the special fabric texture, it is not recommended to use washing machines to avoid destroying the water absorption and expansion function of the underwear.

Applicable objects of tide -up water Interesting underwear

Tide -ups and interesting underwear are suitable for all women who want to try freshness. Whether it is a single woman or a partner, you can wear sexy underwear to enjoy a colorful and interesting life.

Tide of tide -up water Interesting underwear wearing skills

The wearing techniques of tide -up water and sexy underwear needs to be matched according to different occasions and external wear.For example, in a romantic couple dating, you can use lace -edge jealousy pantyhose to set off the feminine soft lines; in the party party, you can choose a bright color suspender underwear and loose skirt to attract everyone’s attention.

Precautions for Raising Water Water Instead

In order to protect the water absorption and expansion function of the tide -up water, it is not recommended to put underwear in the sun for too long, and it is not recommended to dry it with high temperature.In addition, underwear needs to be placed in a ventilated and dry place after cleaning to avoid mold.

The advantages and disadvantages of tide -ups and interest underwear

The advantage of the tide -up water and interest underwear is that the design is novel, beautiful and sexy, and free of shame; the disadvantage is that it needs to be washed by hand, and it is not suitable for wearing under the scorching sun.


Rising tide -raising water is a novel sexy product, which has many advantages and can bring more beautiful interesting life to women.For women who like to try new things, the tide -ups and water underwear are definitely a good choice.

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