Those sexy underwear names in the comics

Those sexy underwear names in the comics

The plots in the comics are always various, and the shapes are also colorful.Among them, sexual feelings that appear from time to time cannot be ignored.Below, this article will introduce the names and styles of those sexy underwear in the comics.

1. Triangle underwear

Triangle underwear is a classic sexy underwear, which is spliced from two triangular fabrics.It is usually decorated with metal rings and/or lace, which is unique in style and is very suitable for women to show their sexy.In comics, this underwear is often used in plot promotion, such as"Naruto"As well as"Gate of Destiny Stone"wait.

2. T -pants

T -shaped pants are a very sexy underwear, which not only wrapped tightness, but also exposed most of the hip hips, and the shape is "T".In comics, they often appear in those sexy scenes, including"Kiss Sister"As well as"Almost Cinderella has gone recently"wait.

3. zipper contour pants

The zipper contour pants refer to tights with zipper on the waist, which is a kind of clothing commonly used by models and dancers.Due to the tight wrap and the sharp outline, it enhances the beauty of the body.The shape in comics is often paired with high heels, although simple but full of sexy.for example"Sexy Game"Essence

4. waist pants

Waist pants are a very tight underwear wrapped in the waist and hips, with obvious body curves and slimming effects.In the comics, many heroines like to wear this underwear, showing their own beautiful curves in various circumstances, such as"Lovelive!"and"Fate/Stay Night"Essence

5. Mini underwear

Mini underwear is very tight, usually composed of fabrics and thin bands, exposing most of the back skin, which is relatively explicit.This type of underwear is also the most commonly appeared in the comics.GintamaAs well as"Fairy Tail"Among many works.

6. lace hanging pantyhose

Lace hanging pantyhose is a sexy underwear composed of beautiful lace lace, exquisite stockings and straps.Lipstick is an indispensable thing in a woman’s makeup box, and the performance of this kind of pantyhose in the comics is no more than the red difference. Such underwear is in"Slam Dunk"As well as"Princess Lover"It often appears in the work.

7. Faver pants

Barrier pants are a sexy underwear similar to crystal ultra -low waist pants, which is deeper and larger than pants.In the comics, this underwear is usually paired with the perspective of the perspective, showing the depth and degree of women’s sexy depth, and the style is bold and elegant.Appear in"The second disease must also fall in love!"and"Magic Girl Naiye Strikers"middle.

8. Open tight vest

Open stall tight vest is a underwear similar to a tight vest with a tight -fitting vest. There are many beautiful lace and decorative details on the chest.However, there are usually crotch design on the back and hips.This design can satisfy all kinds of sexual fantasies. The comics appear in special scenes, such as"Koihime Musou"As well as"Magic Forbidden Book Catalog"wait.

9. Bandage tight pants

The bandage tight pants are similar to zipper contour pants, which are also covered and arranged by bandage.Unlike zipper contour pants, bandage tight pants are more exposed and sexy.In the comics, this design is usually worn with gloves. The image is clear and appeared in"Dragon Ball"As well as"Tokyo Gong"In other works.

10. Completely wrapped underwear

Completely wrapped underwear is not common in comics, it is completely wrapped in the body, it also gives people an endless imagination space.In the comics, the fully wrapped underwear provides the maximum sense of security, becoming an important role of some sexual abuse, rape and slave theme.Appear in"Soul Contract"and"Aware of the Dream Island"In other works.

I believe that everyone has learned a lot about sexy underwear in the comics from the article.However, in any case, they are a way to express women’s charm. I hope that while appreciating, I hope that while appreciating, they can also respect the rights and dignity of women.

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