There are a lot of sexy underwear water

There are a lot of sexy underwear water

As a kind of sex products, sexy underwear has been favored by many sex lovers.However, after wearing sexy underwear, many people will find that a lot of water flows out of their lower body.Although this situation is normal, some people may still be confused about it.This article will introduce the reason why wearing a lot of water water water from the following aspects and provide some corresponding solutions.

1. Sexual excitement

Women are sexing or masturbating after wearing sex underwear. At this time, due to excitement, a large amount of liquid secreted in the body, especially the hymen or inner labia, which is more secretion, is very normal.We don’t need to worry too much about this situation.

Second, sexy underwear material

Because the material of the sexy underwear itself is relatively soft, comfortable and fit, it may cause the skin to be impermeable. Therefore, it is very easy to sweat fluid after wearing sexy underwear.

Third, model discomfort

If the model of sexy underwear is not suitable for you, if it is too large or too tight, it will easily cause friction in the lower body, which will cause the secretion to increase.At this time, it is recommended to buy a sexy underwear that suits you to avoid discomfort caused by inconsistency.

Fourth, pathogenic infection

Some women may have pathogenic infections, such as yellow splin bacteria infection or syphilis infection, and such diseases can lead to increased vaginal secretion.If it is not caused by normal excitement, it is recommended to go to the hospital for relevant disease examination in time.

Five, bad habits

There are also bad habits in some people, such as scratching the body or using bad habits such as sanitary napkins. We need to correct this situation.At the same time, it is recommended to replace the sanitary napkins of a large brand to ensure that there is no effect on gynecological health.

6. Irregular go to the toilet

Some women need to maintain a perfect figure or flatulence at all times, and they may not go to the toilet when urgency. At this time, because the anus is separated by the urethra, it is easy to cause the occurrence of urinary tractIt has bad effects.Therefore, it is recommended that female friends must pay attention to the influence of irregular toilets on the body.

7. Personal menstrual cycle issues

Women will have the gradual disorders of the reproductive system’s endocrine, and symptoms such as unexpected menstruation, too many menstrual periods, and too little menstrual flow.If you find that you have abnormal menstruation, you are recommended to seek medical treatment immediately and conduct relevant inspections and treatment.At the same time, during menstruation, it is not recommended to wear sexy underwear.

8. Lack of exercise

If you do not exercise for a long time, your body cycle will become poor, and over time, it will easily lead to an increase in lower body secretions.We should exercise properly and maintain your health.

In summary, wearing sexy underwear water is particularly very common. We need to understand the corresponding reasons and take some targeted measures.In addition to the above points, you can also choose the appropriate sexy underwear and keep personal hygiene in time to solve this problem.I hope that female friends can also protect their health while enjoying sexual life.

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