The sexy underwear worn inside

The sexy underwear worn inside

Sexy underwear is a very popular fashion category.The sexy style and fashion design make it look difficult to resist.For many women, wearing sexy underwear at home may be a very enjoyable feeling.But when going out for a date, how should I choose the right sexy underwear?This article will provide some practical suggestions to help you choose the right sexy underwear to enhance your confidence and charm.

1. Shoulder strap is the key

When choosing a sexy underwear to wear, you must first pay attention to the problem of the shoulder strap.The shoulder strap should not be too wide, otherwise it will be exposed when wear out.Choosing a moderate width and a soft texture will not be too dazzling nor too hidden.In addition, the width of the shoulder band should not be too narrow, because it will inevitably expose, and it will even damage the entire shape.

2. The texture is slim and transparent

For sexy underwear, the choice of texture is crucial.Choosing a gentle, transparent, thin, and unprepared texture can reveal the beautiful lines of the human body, rather than exposing the shortcomings, and will not leave people with a real feeling.At this time, it is best to match an excessive tube top or underwear in the underwear to increase the sense of layering.

3. Firming underwear

For sexy underwear worn out, tight underwear is very necessary.Long -term activities will relax underwear, and various lines will become not elegant and coordinated.Firming underwear can avoid this situation and make the whole person’s state more confident and smooth.

4. Soft design

When choosing a sexy underwear when going out for a date, women are best to choose a soft -designed product.Underwear design is not suitable for dating.Soft design erotic underwear can not only be shaped better, but also reveal the more friendly side of women.

5. Reasonable color configuration

Color configuration is also an important issue for choosing sexy underwear.If the color of the underwear is too exposed, it will give a bad impression when wearing it.Choosing products with a lower -key color can make people feel some restrained beauty.Choose low -key and breathless colors such as black and red pink, which deeply shows the sexy characteristics of women.

6. Suitable for figure

The body is different, so the style suitable for the body is also different.Don’t follow the wind blindly to choose some popular models, but choose the style that suits you according to your body shape.For example, women with strong chest lines can choose styles with high -end chest effects, and lower chest lines can choose gathered underwear.

7. Exquisite detail design

The exquisite detail design can set off the temperament of the entire sexy underwear.Some details such as tassels, decorative lace, lace and other details can make people reflect personalized taste when wear out.

8. Suitable for the choice of the occasion

Different occasions need to wear different erotic underwear.For example, when dating, you can choose a delicate and gradient sexy underwear.To participate in formal occasions, you need to wear sexy underwear, but you need to pay attention to maturity and generosity in color and size.

Viewpoint: It is important to choose the right sexy underwear. It can make people more confident, sexy, and improve confidence.But firmly believe that "women’s temperament is the most worthy fashion taste for women."Don’t follow the trend blindly, choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your own characteristics and enjoyment.

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