The sexy underwear of the hotel


The sexy underwear left by the hotel refers to the sexy underwear of the passenger forgotten in the hotel room during the journey.If the hotel is not properly handled, these fascinating lingerie will not only affect the personal privacy of passengers, but also cause great losses to the hotel image.


The sexy underwear of the hotel, once it is found, will seriously affect the service quality and reputation of the hotel.Such items in the lost records often cause the dissatisfaction and complaints of passengers, and have a negative impact on the reputation of the hotel.In addition, if the hotel is not handled properly, it will threaten the personal privacy of passengers, leading to the risk of leakage.


To deal with the sex lingerie of the hotel, the hotel should ensure the security of the personal privacy of the passengers, strictly keep the items, and take offline treatment.It can be recycled by receiving and express mail at the front desk of the hotel, or set up a special person in charge to manage it and store it safely.

Cleaning standard

The cleaning standards for the sexy underwear in the hotel should be the same as other items in the hotel, so as to achieve high standards and strict requirements.Special disinfection and sterilization methods can be adopted to ensure that sexy underwear is not polluted and infected during the transfer, storage, and cleaning process.In order to ensure the quality of the hotel’s service and the personal privacy of passengers, this link is very important.


The confidentiality measures for the sex lingerie of the hotel should be perfect to the greatest degree of confidentiality and security.Hotel staff must sign a confidentiality agreement to set up managers to ensure the privacy and security of underwear.When dealing with lost items, staff should pay special attention to protecting the privacy of passengers and avoid turning and leaking at will.

Recycling regulations

How to recover the sexy underwear of the hotel needs to formulate specific regulations.Hotels should provide passengers with a unified recycling process and express mail.At the same time, it is necessary to improve the record of the loses of the hotel, extend the retention period after the passengers find out, and publicize the procedures for leding the loss of things, so that the passengers can feel the intimate service of the hotel.

The treatment regulations after discovering the item

The hotel should formulate a prescribed method of treatment for the sexy underwear of the hotel.Embers to sex underwear should be issued in time and corresponding emergency measures, such as discovering infectious diseases.At the same time, you can consider coordinating cooperation with the local public security department to strengthen disposal and protection.

Use the moral issue of the sex lingerie marketing of the hotel

If you are used as a means of hotel marketing, you will involve certain moral issues.Hotels should not use lost items as marketing methods.At the same time, hotels should effectively protect passengers’ privacy and personal property security, and they must not use passenger status and personal information to accidentally leak to obtain improper benefits.

Please help the hotel to handle the item

As a passenger, you should consciously abide by the hotel’s regulations and assist the hotel to handle the estimates.When checking in and checking out, you should carefully check your own items to avoid loss.When you find that your items are lost, contact the hotel in time so that the hotel can quickly deal with it.


In short, handling the sexy lingerie of the hotel is very important for the improvement of the hotel image, the guarantee of service quality, and the security of passenger personal privacy.Hotels should formulate clear regulations and processing processes, and effectively protect passengers’ privacy and personal property security in order to provide better services.

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