The sexy lingerie of the neighbors

The sexy lingerie of the neighbors

With the development of the times, people’s aesthetic concept has also changed. Interest underwear has become the choice of more and more women. In the weekend, I noticed that the neighbors were exposed to all kinds of erotic underwear.Some interests, next, I will introduce some types of sexy underwear I have seen.

1. Open pants

This is a kind of panties with open pants, which is often called "open pants". The design of "opening pants" makes the wearer more emotional and sexy.Applicable to the close relationship between husband and wife can make the relationship closer.

2. Open back underwear

The design of the back panties is more sexy than ordinary underwear. Its rear is not even closed, which can make you emit a more charming atmosphere and look more sloppy. At the same time, it can regulate the atmosphere and enhance the taste of husband and wife.

3. Pantorah socks

Pantyhose is a design of pantyhose and underwear together, which can effectively prevent the thighs of the wearer from leaving marks. It can appear more age -reducing visually. At the same time, it can enhance beauty, suitable for various places in various placesDress.

4. Sling vest

Due to its suspender style, the suspender vest allows the wearers to exude the effect of enhancing women’s charm. At the same time, it looks more sexy visually, especially suitable for sexy beauty.

5. stockings

Stockings give people a soft and smooth feeling visually, because their special texture and black and white colors can easily cause visual impact. In contrast, black stockings will also bring a certain sense of mystery.Good results.

6. No trace panties

The design of non -trace underwear is to eliminate a large area of scarming produced by traditional underwear. Its unique design makes the wearer feel more natural and comfortable. It makes people feel comfortable, which is very suitable for summer wearables.

7. Stand -style sexy underwear

The design of the strap -style sexy underwear makes people wear more sexy and charming. The wearer will go deep in his hand through straps, so as to show the charm.This kind of underwear is suitable for sexual gameplay between husband and wife.

8. Lace erotic underwear

Lace erotic underwear has increased the breath of sexy beauty through the design of lace and lace. At the same time, it can also reduce skin discomfort. It is very comfortable to wear, which can effectively enhance personal charm.

9. Interesting dresses

Interesting dresses are the most special type of sexy underwear. It integrates a variety of elements such as lighting, music, and clothing. When people wear it, they feel not only a visual enjoyment, but also a pretentious work.Experience.

10. Eye mask

Eye mask is a kind of underwear that can hide the eyes. Through this unique design, the wearer is more attractive and mysterious at night. At the same time, it is more topical in the place where people gather.

in conclusion

Interest underwear can not only increase the charm of women, but also more importantly increase sexual interests between husband and wife, maintain and stimulate emotions, and make our lives full of fun.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose the most charming side according to your actual situation and choose your own style and body characteristics.

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