The scope of industrial and commercial registration of sexy underwear

Definition of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a underwear with the main purpose of enhancing sexual experience.This underwear is diverse, usually including bra and underwear with lace, silk, lace and mesh.

The business scope of sexy underwear

According to China’s industry and commerce regulations, the fun underwear business shall clearly clear the business scope in the application form during the submission of the "Application Form for the Registration of Business License" to obtain coding.Sex underwear is generally classified as "style of style" or "sexual products".

The necessity of erotic lingerie industrial and commercial registration

Interesting underwear industrial and commercial registration is an important certificate for sexy underwear business, and it is also an important guarantee for consumers to buy sexy underwear.Only the sexy underwear store holding a business license can be legally operated, thereby protecting consumers’ rights and interests.

Material required for business license registration

If you want to set up a sexy underwear shop, you must get a business license.Specific materials need to be determined according to the specific region, but in general, the sexy underwear shop needs to provide application forms, identity certificates, venue certificates and practice certificates.

Interesting underwear business license validity period

The business license of sexy underwear is generally valid for 5-10 years, and the specific time and validity period depends on the local regulations.

License classification of sexy underwear stores

According to Chinese law, sexy underwear can be sold to adults.Interest underwear shops can allow people 18 or above to enter, or people under 18 years of age can be prohibited from entering.This should be clarified at the time of industrial and commercial registration.

Laws and regulations that should be complied with in sex underwear

The operation of sexy underwear stores should comply with China’s relevant laws and regulations on adult cultural industries and Internet information security to ensure the security of legitimate operations and consumer privacy.Fun underwear shop should pay attention to protecting consumers’ personal information and privacy, and must not be leaked.

Fun underwear brand registration

If the sexy underwear store wants to register a brand, it also needs to follow the legal regulations of industrial and commercial registration.Brand registration needs to submit a certificate of trademark certificate, trademark registration certificate, and follow the relevant laws and regulations of trademark registration.

Annual trial of business license

The business license of sexy underwear shops needs to conduct annual review within the specified time.Otherwise, it will be regarded as illegal operation, punishment such as fines, and may cause business operations.


The industrial and commercial registration of sexy underwear is a legal regulations that must be complied with in the affection of affectionate underwear business.Specific erotic underwear shops can hold licenses and follow the legal provisions of the industrial and commercial departments and the rules of the annual review of business licenses.Interesting underwear shops should pay attention to protecting consumer privacy and personal information, and need to pay attention to changes in relevant laws and regulations to ensure legitimate operation and create a better consumer experience.

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