The name of the female model of the sexy underwear on Taobao

The meaning of Taobao sex underwear female model name

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, we can see the female models in the picture displaying pictures. Their beautiful appearance and sexy figure have attracted our attention.But have you ever thought about the name of these female models?

Marketing effect

Taobao sex underwear merchants will match the model’s name with various adjectives, such as sweetness, sexy, charming and so on.This can not only show the characteristics of the product, but also increase the desire to buy and achieve marketing effects.

Model representative brand image

For some well -known sexy underwear brands, their female models represent the image and concept of the brand.The name of the model will also affect the brand. If the model’s name does not match the brand image, it may affect the brand’s reputation.

Model name and product support

Some sexy underwear merchants will cooperate with the model’s name with the product name.For example, the names of some lace sexy underwear will be associated with the name of the flower.This can not only make people easier to remember the name of the product, but also add more emotional elements to the product.

Regional characteristics of name

Some sexy underwear merchants will add regional characteristics to the model’s name, such as the names spelled out in Shanghai dialect Pinyin.This can increase regional characteristics and attract customers who are interested in the culture of the region.

Alternative of the model name

Some sexy underwear merchants will choose more alternative model names, such as babies, such as flowers, etc.Such a name can be enhanced to a certain extent, making the model more eye -catching.

The characteristics of the product itself

Sometimes the name of the model is related to the characteristics of the product itself.For example, some model names of some handicrafts sexy underwear will be associated with handicrafts.In this case, the name can not only help marketing, but also highlight the characteristics of the product.

Personal characteristics of model names

Among some sexy underwear merchants, the model’s name will emit a personality characteristics.For example, some Chinese translations contain some seductive meaning.Such a name can increase the attractiveness of the product and make people have more interest in products.

Brand culture and historical background

Some sexy underwear merchants will incorporate brand culture and historical background in the model’s name.For example, some brands will choose ancient names or add a symbolic meaning to their names. Such a name can highlight the brand culture and historical heritage.

Ultimate point of view

The model’s name plays a certain role in marketing and promotion of sexy underwear products.When choosing a name, you should consider factors such as marketing effects, brand image and product characteristics.But the name does not mean everything, and what really attracts consumers is the product itself.

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