The most popular lingerie catwalk show video

The most popular lingerie catwalk show video

In recent years, the fun underwear industry has developed rapidly, and various new style of sexy underwear has continued to emerge.How to show these new sexy underwear, so that customers can understand the characteristics and applicable occasions of underwear more intuitively?Of course, it is through the fun underwear catwalk.This article will bring you pictures and videos of the hottest lingerie show, let you see it.

Part 1: Sexy without losing charm

In sexy underwear, the most sought after by customers is sexy models.This kind of underwear is presented in the catwalk, which can show its sexy but charm.In the picture and video, the models wearing black see -through lace underwear instantly turned the entire catwalk into a sexy ocean.

Part 2: Unique satin texture

In addition to the sexy style, the satin texture is a recent popular trend.In the catwalk, the models wearing satin underwear, like walking on the softness of velvet, highlight the charm of underwear and make people linger.

Part III: Elegant Quality of Lace Lace

As the standard of sexy underwear, lace lace has always been an essential element of underwear.The elegant quality of lace lace has become a highlight of underwear.In the picture and video, the models wearing lace lace underwear are beautiful and intoxicated.

Part 4: The fluffy peach heart little lace

Taoxin Xiao lace is a classic style of sexy underwear.Its fluffy lines and soft texture not only show the sweetness of the underwear, but also add a little playful taste.In the picture and video, the models are wearing a peach heart little lace underwear, and the vitality is full of vitality, which makes people can’t help it.

Part 5: Deep V underwear endorsed by Jia Jingwen

Jia Jingwen has always been regarded as a spokesperson for underwear, and her deep V underwear is all the rage.In the catwalk, the models wearing a deep V underwear endorsed by Jia Jingwen, smooth lines and sexy tailoring, not only exposed the sexy of women, but also decent and elegant.

Part 6: French aroma is enchanting

French luxury is an important element in the design of sexy underwear.In sexy underwear catwalks, French -style fragrant enchanting style often appears. These styles often have a sense of luxury and charm.Models wear these sexy underwear to show French charm.

Part 7: The interweaving of restraint and liberation

Interest underwear can be regarded as a combination of restraint and liberation.In the erotic underwear catwalk, not only the restraint style, but some styles make people experience a sense of freedom and relaxation through the changes in the tight and adjustment bands.

Part 8: Chasing of fashion trends

Sex underwear is a gathering place for fashion elements.In the erotic underwear catwalk, there are some novel styles that combine fashion trends every year.These styles not only show the sexy and beautiful underwear, but also with the most popular accessories and fashion elements of the present, which are more trendy.

in conclusion

Interest underwear catwalk show not only provides customers with intuitive interpretation, but also the spread of sexy underwear culture.Through the pictures and videos of the most popular underwear catwalk, we can experience the diversification and charm of the underwear world.

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