The most omitted erotic underwear

Introduction: What is omissions and sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a fashion choice for modern women and one of the condiments of interaction between couples.However, the appearance of omissions of erotic underwear makes women who lack self -confidence are embarrassing and confused.The so -called leakage of sexy underwear is that the underwear designer will deliberately leave the gap in some key parts to increase the exposure and stimulus.This article will explore the type of omissions of sexy underwear, as well as how to buy, match and wear.

1. Deep V design Lian physical erotic underwear

Deep V design often appears in the upper body of sex underwear, creating a cleavage effect.Some designs are particularly bold, so that the cleavage is only separated by a line. If this underwear is not proper, it will make women feel uncomfortable, and there will be embarrassing accidents.When choosing a deep V design, in addition to considering the proportion of your figure, you also need to consider whether it is suitable for your own personality and occasions.

Second, the half -cover sexy underwear on the lace lace

The half -hooded underwear of lace lace fully reflects the characteristics of women’s sexy, independent, freedom and elegance.Lace lace half -hoody underwear can increase the overall sense of fashion through different colors.Considering the nature of the lace lace itself, it is easy to evoke the sense of excitement of men, so it is especially suitable for the flirting between couples.Note that you should avoid too much exposure in dresses, but highlight sexy and mysterious.

Third, bellyband -style sexy underwear

The bellyband -type sexy underwear is a very popular underwear in recent years. It has a strong tolerance for the belly, waist, chest, hip and other parts.For women with strong self -confidence, you can consider buying such sex underwear, especially suitable for sexy and beautiful women.Because this kind of underwear is relatively rare, most people don’t know how to wear it. If you don’t know how to match your pants or skirts, you may wish to consider matching high -waisted skirts or pants to visually pull the body proportion.

Fourth, mesh see -through sexy underwear

The see -through sexy underwear, with its unique perspective effect and exquisite handicraft, creative workmanship and materials, attracted many people.Although the price is more expensive, it shows the harmony between the beautiful lines of women’s figure and the harmony between various lines.When wearing, you can choose underwear pants with stripes, wave dots or other patterns to increase fashion elements.It should be noted that the mesh material is relatively thin and properly protect your body when wearing.

Fifth, open plackets and sexy underwear

The design of the front -opening and fun underwear is very distinctive. It is not only sexy and convenient, simple and simple, but not fashionable.It can be paired with tops and pants according to the occasion, which is very suitable for dating, parties and going out to wear different occasions.It should be noted that the length of the placket should not be too long or too short, so as not to overflow or expose the meat.

Six, personal sexy underwear dresses

Personally sexy underwear skirt is a kind of sexy underwear that can be accepted open or paired with belt, necklace and other auxiliary materials to increase fashion.This kind of sexy underwear is more inclusive to the body proportions, waist, bust, hips, and other key parts, and it is suitable for women with different body proportions.In terms of choosing colors, clothes materials and necklace, pay attention to whether it is suitable for your skin color and temperament style.

Seven, high waist pressure belly sexy underwear

High waist pressure belly -stress underwear is a relatively classic leakage design, which is especially suitable for some endless women to wear.The high -waisted design and abdominal pressure effect can be well modified and tightened the defects of women’s bodies, showing the beautiful effects such as the proportion and curve of the body.This kind of sexy underwear is best selected from the softer and soft material, which is uncomfortable on the one hand.

Eight, creative style sexy underwear

Creative -style sexy underwear is usually made by underwear designers or fashion brands. It pays great attention to the integration of details and new elements.This kind of sexy underwear is mainly attracted by women with very high visual effects.However, because the price is very high, it is difficult to buy it for the average person.

Nine, how to buy and match the omissions of sexy underwear

When buying and leaking sexy underwear, first consider your own figure, skin color and temperament style.Only by understanding your body and aesthetic concept can you choose underwear that suits you.At the same time, choose green environmental protection and soft materials to minimize damage to the human body.

X. Conclusion: Leakage point is not a problem. Embarrassment is the problem of solutions

The leakage point is a design element of sexy underwear, but not all women are suitable for leaky sexy underwear.When choosing, purchasing and wearing a leakage of sexy underwear, you must choose the right underwear based on your body proportions, temperament style and personality characteristics in order to give full play to the advantages of sexy and aesthetics during the dressing process.

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