The earliest love underwear show


In the 1990s, the gorgeous and avant -garde Victoria’s Secret underwear show became a global sexy representative. The annual underwear event attracts millions of audiences around the world.but do you know?The earliest sexy lingerie show was actually earlier than Victoria’s Secret, which was as early as the period of the World Expo.

The history of the sexy underwear show

In 1910, at the Brucelon Expo, a sexy underwear manufacturer De Bevoise & Company launched the world’s first "ballet sexy underwear show", which is also considered the earliest sexy underwear show.

The characteristics of the sexy lingerie show

Unlike the modern sex lingerie show, the Funny Underwear Show not only shows various underwear styles, but also adds music, dance and performance art elements, making the show more dramatic.

The influence of the sexy lingerie show

The success of the sexy lingerie show of the nation establishes the model of the sexy lingerie show and attracts many brands to follow the standard. It has become the standard for the sex underwear industry for a long time.

The stylistic underwear style of the sexy lingerie show

The underwear style on the sexy underwear show is relatively conservative and simple compared to modern underwear. It is based on white and lace and fiber.

The performance of the sexy lingerie show

In addition to the underwear display, the Dancer and singer’s gorgeous performance also appeared in the sexy underwear show. This was also the unique flower part of the underwear show at that time, which greatly enhanced the ornamental of the underwear show.

The artistic value of the sexy lingerie show

IWC was considered a visual art feast at the time, which fully demonstrated the innovation and artistic ability of underwear manufacturers.This also established the important position of the underwear industry at the time.

The gender character cognition of the sexy underwear show

However, the sexy lingerie show in IWC also fully showed the perception of women’s gender roles in that era. Underwear models were supposed to be materialized under the eyes of men and aesthetic appreciation, becoming a tool to satisfy male desire.

Today’s sexy lingerie show

The sexy lingerie show is a very important part of the history of sexy underwear. It not only changed the development direction of sexy underwear, but also laid the sexy standard of sexy underwear in visual.Although the style and expression of underwear design have undergone tremendous changes today, we should not forget the basic form and historical source of the underwear show.

Enlightenment of the Ferry Underwear Show

We can get inspiration from the sexy underwear show of all the country. Commercial and artistic art is not contradictory. As a commercial product, sexy underwear can also be an art form.We need to continuously improve the artistic value of underwear and make it a part of people’s quality of life.

The future of the sexy lingerie show

The model of the underwear show is constantly developing and changing. We can look forward to more possibilities for the future sex underwear show, the integration of more artistic elements, establishing more cultural symbols of underwear, and so on.This will also promote the better development of the sexy underwear industry.

The above is the earliest historical and characteristics related to the earliest sexy underwear show. They are regarded as an important historical event for the development of the underwear industry, which stimulates and affects the development of future underwear.In the end, we need to think about how to maximize the aesthetic and cultural value of underwear and make them better serve our lives.

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