The color of the same table lets me wear sexy underwear

my story

I have a table at the same table. He is always very friendly to me. He helps me answer difficult questions and eat lunch together.We got along very well, but once he suddenly made me wearing a sexy underwear. This thing made me a little embarrassed.what do I do?

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear generally refers to sexy, perspective or special embroidered underwear, which is mainly used to increase sexual interest and fun in the process of flirting.Sexy underwear is also called sexy underwear, adult underwear, etc.

Sex of sex underwear

Sex underwear can be classified according to function and style.According to functions, it can be divided into sexy underwear, oral lingerie, SM underwear, etc.According to the styles, it can be divided into lace sexy underwear, beach sex underwear, and students’ sexy underwear.

How to choose sexy underwear

If you are trying to find sexy underwear for the first time, it is recommended to choose simple styles and colors, such as black, red or white.The important thing is to choose the appropriate size underwear, because the fitted underwear will make you feel comfortable and make the fun experience better.

How to match sexy underwear

Sex underwear can be paired with various clothing.For example, you can wear short jackets and stockings to show your delicate and sexy.In addition, if you want to be more sexy, you can also match high heels or long black boots.

Maintenance of sexy underwear

Sex underwear requires special maintenance methods, especially some fine styles.Generally speaking, it is best to wash it by hand, use a mild laundry solution, and then squeeze the water gently and dry it flat. Do not put it under the sun to avoid fading damage.

What are the benefits of wearing sex underwear

There are many benefits to wearing sex underwear, such as increasing interest, enhancing sexy, and making you feel more confident and beautiful.Sexy underwear can also help you adjust your body proportion, making you look taller and sexy.

How to get rid of the embarrassment

If you feel embarrassed and embarrassed in front of sexy underwear, you can choose to refuse or communicate.Tell the other party’s own feelings and seek solution.Some men may have too much expectations for women’s figures and clothing, so they need to communicate the expectations and requirements of both parties.

How to eliminate concerns

If you are worried about sexy underwear, you can also eliminate through your own efforts.For example, you can do some yoga, dance or other sports forms to exercise, making yourself feel more confident and beautiful.


Interest underwear can not only increase sex and fun, but also make you feel more confident and beautiful.However, wearing sexy underwear also needs to be cautious to choose and maintain, so as not to cause unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.The most important thing is to establish a correct sexual concept and attitude, and establish a healthy and harmonious sexual relationship in communication and coordination.

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