The boss wears the assistant underwear for the assistant

Definition of violent and sexual harassment

Violent and sexual harassment is a kind of gender discrimination, which usually occurs in the workplace, involving the behavior of obscenity or non -ritual of employees.This behavior is usually caused by the work relationship between the superiors and the lower level, and it is a behavior of abuse of power.

Impact of harassment sexual behavior

Habits will not only cause physical and spiritual damage to those who are harassed, but also have a serious impact on the company’s productivity and reputation.When a employee suffers from violent harassment, they may feel helpless and injured and cannot concentrate their efforts to complete their work.This negative effect may last for many years.

The boss wearing a sexy underwear for the assistant

Recently, there are reports that a boss gave him a sexy underwear.This behavior is not only one of the forms of sexual harassment, but also a toxic part of many workplace culture.The occurrence of this behavior needs to be recognized by employees, otherwise it will be unacceptable.

Let the boss forced employees to wear sexy underwear

If the employee feels discriminatory by her boss, they may start to worry about being considered unprofessional or not morally, which may reduce their performance or withdraw from the company.This will cause the company to lose good employees and productivity.In addition, if employees feel unsafe or sexually harassed, they may feel unable to concentrate their efforts to complete their work, which may be extremely serious on the company’s image and reputation.

How to prevent violence and sexual harassment

In order to prevent violence and sexual harassment, the company should use the following measures:

Develop effective policies and procedures to deal with sexual harassment complaints

Strictly implement the company’s policies and procedures

Provide training for employees to understand the definition of sexual harassment and how to avoid it

Encourage employees to report any sexual harassment and ensure the privacy of the reporter

Make sure any sexual harassment is investigated and handled in time

Sexual harassment and cultural background

In many countries and cultures, sexual harassment is not a topic of public discussion.In some cultures, sexual harassment is considered a private problem, not a problem of public domains.This culture has hindered the measures to prevent and deal with sexual harassment.To solve this problem, public education must be strengthened and comprehensive policies and procedures are formulated.

How to avoid sexual harassment

Employees can take the following measures to avoid sexual harassment:

Keep your attention to avoid being alone with your boss or colleagues alone

If possible, keep the physical distance

Always maintain professionalism to avoid making any sexual or violent remarks

If you feel harassed, immediately take action and report to your boss or human resources department.

The company’s responsibility for harassment behavior

The company is responsible for harassment behavior and should take measures to avoid and deal with harassment.If the employee complains the company’s superiors or colleagues have sexual harassment, the company is obliged to immediately take action and deal with the problem.

Encourage the balance between freedom of speech and preventing sexual harassment

In a company, a balance between ensuring freedom of speech and preventing sexual harassment needs to be balanced.For the expression of employees, the company should keep and support, and set up channels to provide opinions and suggestions for employees.However, any remarks should not include sexual harassment, abuse, discrimination, and other illegal words.To prevent the emergence of harassing speech, the company must clearly stipulate and adopt strict behavior management.

in conclusion

Violent and sexual harassment is an act of harm and infringement of employees’ power. It must be supported and invested by the company to formulate and implement relevant policies and measures.The company must ensure that all employees can enjoy equality and respect, and are not affected by personal characteristics such as gender, race, belief, and sexual orientation.

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