The anchor wears the stall sex underwear

The anchor wears the stall sex underwear

The anchor is a profession that attracts a lot of fans on the Internet live broadcast platform, and their wearing usually becomes the focus of public attention.Recently, more and more anchors have begun to wear sexy underwear. The sexy and teasing of this underwear can attract more audiences.This article will explore the phenomenon of the anchor’s sexy underwear.

1. What is the sexy underwear?

Open -gear sex underwear is a sexy underwear. Compared with traditional underwear, it designed a opening in the crotch, exposing the private parts, adding ambiguous and teasing.It is often used in sex games or sex, and is a must -have thing for couples to enhance interest.

2. Classification of Fairy Underwear

There are many different categories on the opening of the sexy underwear. The following introduces several common styles:

(1) Open T -shaped underwear: This kind of underwear forms a T -shaped, and there is an obvious opening at the crotch, which is suitable for occasions that need to expose the hips.

(2) Butterfly open crotch panties: This underwear is designed with a bow type, which is completely exposed to the crotch, which is very sexy.

(3) Open mouth panties: There is a large opening at the crotch of this underwear, which can fully expose the private parts and more teased.

3. Why do the anchor like to wear open gear and sexy underwear?

There are many reasons for the anchors to wear the sexy underwear.First of all, it can attract more audiences visually and get higher heat and benefits.Secondly, the sexy and teasing sex of the opening and fun underwear can attract more fans and increase interaction and heat.In addition, it also makes the anchor feel more confident and sexy.

4. Is the anchor wearing the gear of sexual underwear a free expression or an forced behavior?

Some people think that the anchor’s sexy underwear is expressing freedom and personality, and some people think that this is an forced behavior, because wearing sexy clothing can bring higher benefits and attention.In fact, the answer to this question is not black or white, and different anchors will have their own different views and behaviors.

5. Does an anchor wearing a sexy underwear affect the audience’s perception?

The anchor’s sexy underwear will make the audience feel too sexy, or a little teasing, and may even be considered inappropriate behavior.However, many viewers believe that this is an entertainment performance and will not have any impact on the anchor or others.

6. The main points of buying the sexy underwear

If you also want to try to wear a sexy underwear, the following points should be paid attention to when buying:

(1) Size: To ensure that the size is right, otherwise it may not be appropriate or uncomfortable.

(2) Section: To choose a comfortable, breathable, soft material, it is best to be cotton or pure silk.

(3) Style: You must buy suitable styles according to your body and preference.

7. How to put on the gear and sexy underwear correctly

There are some techniques for wearing a sexy underwear. The following steps can help you wear sexy effects:

(1) Take off the underwear completely and pull the opening.

(2) Lift the crotch up and wear the outside clothes.

(3) Pull back the crotch and let the opening fit the skin.

8. The risk of wearing a sexy underwear

There are some risks of wearing fun underwear. The following points need to be paid attention to:

(1) Donelism: If the size is not suitable or the material is not good, you may feel uncomfortable.

(2) Health: Without disinfection or too long, it may cause health problems such as itching and bacterial infection in private parts.

9. How to correctly keep the stall in sex underwear

The special preservation method is required for opening the sexy underwear. The following points need to be paid attention to:

(1) Dry directly: It is best not to wash the underwear, just dry it.

(2) Save dry: The underwear needs to be stored in a dry place to avoid humidity.

10. Conclusion

The phenomenon of the anchor’s sexy underwear is increasing, the reason is also strange, but for the audience, they should look at this phenomenon rationally. Do not pursue entertainment effects too much, but should pay attention to health and self -protection.

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