Taobao sex underwear data

Top ten popular styles of Taobao sex underwear

Taobao, as one of China’s largest e -commerce platform, is sold tens of thousands of sexy underwear every year.What are the most popular styles?The following is the top ten popular styles of Taobao sex underwear:

Lace conjoin hollow underwear

Stretching lace sexy underwear

Stockings and body clothes underwear

Rabbit Girl Lang Fairy Underwear Set

Black silk erotic shield

Stomato sexy sheets

Three -point sexy underwear

Student girl sexy underwear

SM sex underwear suit

Pajamas sex love underwear suits

Selection of sexy underwear promotional picture models

On Taobao, many erotic underwear are equipped with sexy publicity pictures. What factors do these models choose?First of all, the model must be good enough to show the unique advantage of the underwear; second, the appearance of the model must have a showdown and sexy charm, which can attract the attention of customers., Achieve the finishing touch.

Adult erotic underwear material choice

The material choice of adult sex lingerie is very important. On the one hand, it must have a good feel and comfort, and on the other hand, we must also take into account the beauty of the style.Common adult sexy lingerie materials include fiber, linen, cotton, lace, etc., and different materials can be used to achieve better results according to different styles.

Details determine success or failure: the main points of the design of sex underwear

The key to the success of sexy underwear is the details. The following are the main points of the design of some sexy underwear:

Pay attention to the body curve of slender women, so as to be unrestrained, comfortable, and light;

Pay attention to the unique creativity, achieve innovation and taste;

Pay attention to the material used to achieve comfort, skin -friendly, and texture;

Pay attention to the compliance of the style and choose the style and color that suits you.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

The maintenance method of sexy underwear is very important. The following is some maintenance tips:

Be sure to wash your hand when washing, do not use the washing machine;

Do not use bleach or too exciting detergent;

Wash the underwear separately from other clothes to avoid affecting the softness;

Try to dry as much as possible, do not use the dryer to dry.

Sending underwear wearing occasions

Sex underwear is often an important form of intimacy between men and women.In what occasion is wearing sexy underwear?Hotels to romantic situations, romantic bedding shops and other places are better occasions when wearing sexy underwear.In addition, when litting sparks between couples is also a suitable scene of sexy underwear.

Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Buyer Age Features

Although the sexy underwear buyers on the Taobao platform are very extensive, most consumer groups who buy sex and sexy underwear are still young women between 20 and 35.At the same time, the purchase of couples over 40 years of age is also increasing year by year.

The advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear customization

Quotation underwear customization is a solution for certain special needs. Its advantage is that it can tailor -made a sexy underwear that belongs to TA according to the body and needs of the customer.It is that the price is relatively high, and you need to wait for a certain production cycle.

How to identify regular sexy underwear merchants

On Taobao and other platforms, a large number of sexy underwear merchants are scrambling to sell products. How do consumers identify which merchants are formal?Here are some identification methods:

Check the qualifications and credibility of the store;

Understand product production materials and content;

Ask after -sales service terms and return and exchange policies;

Display official authorization signs.

Viewpoint: The status of sexy underwear in modern cities

With the continuous development of modern society, the status of sexy underwear as an important sex product has gradually increased in people’s lives.The sexy underwear in the market also shows a variety of types, styles and materials, which better meet people’s personalized needs.In the future, sexy underwear will continue to develop to better lead the development of sex culture.

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