Taobao closes sexy underwear comment pictures

Taobao closes sexy underwear comment pictures

Recently, Taobao announced the closure of all sexy underwear reviews.This measure has aroused widespread attention and discussion of the public, because sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular in the Chinese market.The following are the analysis and viewpoints of Taobao closure of sexy underwear comments.


As a special daily necessities, sexy underwear has been in a gray area in China.Taobao, as one of China’s largest e -commerce platforms, has always been one of the important platforms for sex underwear sales.However, some improper behaviors have recently appeared, which made Taobao decide to close the pictures of sexy underwear.


Recently, some merchants have uploaded images in sex underwear comments, such as some erotic pictures or too exposed pictures.These pictures not only affect the good image of Taobao, but also have a negative impact on netizens.These bad behaviors have attracted the attention of Taobao and led them to close the pictures of sexy underwear.


Taobao closure of sexy underwear comment pictures will have a significant impact on the sex underwear industry.First of all, the promotion of sexy underwear manufacturers will be greatly affected.Secondly, consumers will no longer get comments and suggestions from other consumers, which may affect their shopping decisions.But this change is also good, because consumers are no longer easily induced by inappropriate pictures.

Taobao’s response

For Taobao closure of sexy underwear reviews, Taobao issued an official statement.In the statement, Taobao said that they attach great importance to the rights and experiences of customers, and they are very clear about their responsibilities.Therefore, they decided to close the pictures of sexy underwear to ensure the quality and security of the data and content on the Taobao platform.

The practice of other platforms

Compared to Taobao, the practices of other platforms are different.For example, and Tmall will continue to allow sexy underwear reviews to upload.This shows the differences between different platforms in managing erotic underwear.

The response of the sexy underwear industry

The interesting underwear industry also has different responses to Taobao’s measures to close sexy underwear reviews.Although some companies are dissatisfied with this, other companies believe that this is an important measure to protect the interests of consumers.

in conclusion

Taobao closure of sexy underwear reviews is an important decision to ensure the healthy development of the sexy underwear industry.Although this may have some negative impacts on sexy underwear companies, it can ensure that consumers are better protected.In addition, for other platforms, they should adopt more rigorous ways to manage sexy underwear reviews to improve customer satisfaction and security.

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