Taobao buying sexy underwear is deducted

Why is it deducted?

More and more people buy sexy underwear on Taobao, and more and more sellers have joined this field.However, many buyers do not know that when buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to pay special attention to some rules, otherwise you will be deducted.

Taobao’s regulations on sexy underwear

In order to ensure the quality of the goods on the Taobao platform and the user’s purchase experience, Taobao has detailed regulations for sexy underwear.It mainly includes the following aspects:

Size and specifications clearly marked

Dimensions and specifications are matters that buyers must pay attention when choosing goods.When selling sexy underwear, you must provide accurate sizes in the form of independent sizes to avoid fuzzy size information such as "average".

The material and cleaning labels are complete

The material of sex underwear is different, and the cleaning methods are different.The seller should label the information and cleaning methods in the When selling products, and ensure that the label can be clearly visible.

The appraisal certificate is available

To sell sexy underwear, sellers must have corresponding testing and identification proof to prove the quality and safety of the product.This is also a point that Taobao attaches great importance to it. If there is no identification document, it will not be able to pass the platform review.


When selling sexy underwear, the seller needs to upload real product photos without using models or other pictures.Be sure to ensure that the photos are true, clear, and in line with the real object.

Mark the price authenticity

The most important thing to pay attention to when buyers buy goods is the price, so the seller must mark the price clearly and accurately.This can also prevent some sellers from using too high prices to exaggerate the value of the product.

Avoid excessive sexy depiction

Sexy underwear is a sexy product, but sellers should avoid using too sexy and excessive depictions in the description.This will not only have a negative impact on the image of the product, but also easily deducted by Taobao.

Pay attention to the shopping experience

When selling sexy underwear, the seller needs to pay attention to the user’s shopping experience.Only by satisfying users can we improve the overall performance of the store.Therefore, sellers need to respond to comments, quickly shipments, answers inquiries in detail, and provide good after -sales service.

How to avoid deducting points?

To avoid selling sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to observe the requirements of the platform carefully.When selling goods, pay attention to every detail of the specified regulations to ensure that all behaviors of seller shops meet the requirements.At the same time, it is also necessary to carefully understand the needs of users, provide high -quality shopping experience and after -sales service, and obtain goodwill and reputation.


There are more and more users who buy sexy underwear. How to provide high -quality shopping experience and formal products is very critical for sellers.By complying with the requirements of Taobao platforms, the quality of goods and user purchase experience can be obtained to gain more support and trust.

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