Tanabata Send Boyfriend Sexy underwear

How to choose a boyfriend’s sexy underwear for Qixi Festival?

The Qixi Festival is coming. For couples, in addition to romantic dating and gifts, there is a way to make each other’s relationship closer.That is to give the other party a sexy sexy lingerie.But how to choose a sexy underwear suitable for boyfriend?Below, let’s share the purchase skills of sexy underwear.

Know the boyfriend’s preference

When choosing sexy underwear, you must first understand the preferences of his boyfriend. Without disturbing him, you can get some inspiration from usual exchanges.Considering color, material, style, etc., choose a sexy underwear suitable for boyfriend.

Choose the right size

No matter what style of sexy underwear, precise size requires the ideal visual effect.Therefore, before buying, you must confirm the size of your boyfriend and buy the corresponding sexy underwear.If you are not sure about the size of your boyfriend, you can directly ask your boyfriend or try tentatively.

Material selection

Material is an important consideration when choosing sexy underwear, because it can affect comfort and overall texture.Some boyfriends pay attention to comfort, while some boyfriends pay more attention to visual effects.Therefore, when choosing the material, comprehensive consideration is needed.

Style choice

The styles of sexy underwear are different, there are sexy, cute, noble, and so on.When selecting sexy underwear, consider the boyfriend’s body, temperament, personality and other factors.Choosing a style suitable for boyfriend will not only make him look more sexy, but also meet his personality needs.

Selection of accessories

In addition to the basic style of sexy underwear, you can also choose some accessories, such as lace border, lace, chain, etc.These small details not only improve the sexy degree of sexy underwear, but also make my boyfriend feel your intentions.

Avoid being too exposed

Although the original intention of sexy underwear is to achieve sexy effects, don’t be too exposed, otherwise it will make her boyfriend feel embarrassed.The correct approach is to find a balance point on the basis of sexy and moderate.

Don’t ignore the details

From the fabric to the style, from color to jewelry, from shoulder straps to straps, every detail can affect the effect of sexy underwear.Therefore, do not ignore any details when choosing sexy underwear.

Simple and unique packaging

When buying sexy underwear, packaging is also an important part.In order to allow my boyfriend to get a better experience, it is recommended to buy simple and unique packaging.This can make sexy underwear more delicate and increase gift value.

Gift -giving ways to be decent

When giving love underwear gifts, you should also pay attention to gift giving.You can choose to wear it together on the day of Qixi, or give sexy underwear as a surprise to his boyfriend after a romantic dinner.Try to find the right gift giving way to make the gift more moving.

in conclusion

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can consider from your boyfriend’s preference, size, material, style, accessories, accessories, exposure, details, packaging, gift giving methods, etc. Only by comprehensively considering these factors can you choose a taste of a suitable boyfriend.Underwear makes the Qixi Festival more romantic.

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