Stars with sexy underwear

Stars with sexy underwear

Stars are also human. Although they rarely talk about or show sexual life publicly, they also have their own views on the choice of sexy underwear in life.In this article, we will explore the love underwear of several stars and why they prefer these underwear.

Paragraph 1. American actress Rachel McAdians love pink

Rachel McAdus claims to be a sexy underwear collector.As we all know, pink is regarded as a sexy and charming color. She wore a set of pink and sexy underwear in the photo to show her flexibility and sexy.

Paragraph 2. Polly Wooden’s white underwear shape

Actress Polly Wooden Kaland showed her sexy figure in the famous film "Miss", and the white sex underwear she wore was unforgettable.This set of underwear is simple and generous, but it is provocative.

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Paragraph 3. Lan Drey’s "Thief Eye Eye" black underwear

La Na Duri wore a set of black erotic underwear. Black underwear was usually considered to exude a mystery and attractive color, which complemented Lana’s sexy beauty.Her "thief eyebrow and mice" smile, and the black decoration of underwear, made her look more mysterious.

Paragraph 4. Sister Kardashi’s preference plastic underwear

Sisters of Kardashian have always been known for their sexy charm, and their preferences are plastic sexy underwear.This underwear can perfectly show the body curve, making the wearer more sexy.

Paragraph 5. Hillary Duf’s flower -style sexy underwear

Hillary Du Fu has always been regarded as a representative of fashion women, and the flower -style sexy underwear she wore showed her simplicity and cuteness.This underwear complements her image, making her look more cute and cute.

Paragraph 6. Emma Roberts’s sexy and luxurious design

Emma Roberts often wear some luxurious designs.This design makes the underwear look more sexy and charm, allowing her to better express her sexy temperament.

Paragraph 7. Meghan Fox’s tight leather -style sexy underwear

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Sexy American actress Meghan Fox is surprised to wear tight leather -style sexy underwear.This design makes her more sexy and charming.

Paragraph 8. Elena Shek’s lace sexy underwear

As a famous model, Elena Shek’s preference is lace -style sexy underwear.This underwear is soft and light, which is very suitable for models to show their figure and charm when they are worn.

Paragraph 9. Demura Rivers’s black lace sexy underwear

Demura Rivers’ black lace sexy underwear is unforgettable.This classic design is often regarded as a symbol that stimulates people’s passion and desire.

Paragraph 10. Kate Apton’s sexy bellyband sexy underwear

Kate Apton is one of the representatives of fashion women, but she is also full of personality when choosing sexy underwear.She is wearing a sexy bellyband -style sexy underwear to show her confidence and sexy charm.

Conclusion: Everyone’s preference for sex underwear is different.When choosing a sexy underwear, the most important thing is to find the style and design that suits you.Whether you want sexy or cute, it is suitable for your own sexy underwear to exude you into the unsupported charm.