Shu Qihuai’s old sexy underwear show

Shu Qihuai's old sexy underwear show

Shu Qi JPG old photos exposed

Recently, a group of Shu Qi participated in the network of sexy underwear during the JPG 1998 autumn and winter fashion conference 20 years ago.This set of photos highlights the fashion elements of sexy underwear at that time, and also inspired people’s re -attention of sexy underwear.

The development of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a fashion culture that rose in Europe in the early 1980s.The original intention was to inspire the enthusiasm of sex, and seeking pleasure in this clothing.

Falling underwear material

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Sex underwear usually uses soft and comfortable materials, fits the body curve, and thus highlight the sexy curve on the body.Common materials are silk, lace and cotton.

Design and style of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear design focuses on the degree of fit with the human body, and uses high -grade lace, sequins and other materials to embellish its fashion and sexy degree.At the same time, it also shows different styles for different figure characteristics, such as back, split, lace cup, thong, etc., which aims to show women’s charm and sexy.

Sex of sex underwear

According to different design styles, sexy underwear is usually divided into a variety of categories, such as sexy lingerie, adult sexy underwear, European and American sex underwear, etc.These underwear types have been continuously innovated and improved by different designers, combining the current popular elements and market demand.

Suggestion of sexy underwear

For women who want to try sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a style suitable for their own figure. The appropriate size can ensure wearing comfort.In addition, sexy underwear needs to pay attention to the combination of texture and color, as well as the temperament and sexuality that should be displayed when matching.

The difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear

Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to its own fashion beauty and sexuality, and meet market demand through innovative design and rich materials.Ordinary underwear pays more attention to comfort and functionality to meet the needs of basic physical support and protection.


Celebrity demonstration sex underwear

With the publication of celebrities on social media, sexy underwear has also become a hot topic.Like Victoria’s Ultramore Adriana Lima and Liu Wen have promoted their sexy underwear photos on social media, which helped the erotic underwear again.

Future development direction of sexy underwear

In the future, sexy underwear will be presented in people’s vision in more diversified and personalized ways.The designer will bring more innovative designs in combination with more new materials and technology.At the same time, sexy underwear also breaks through the fashion border and integrates into more fields.


Shu Qi’s sexy underwear show 20 years ago evoked people’s memories of the fashionable underwear, and also gradually increased the popularity of sexy underwear.The development and diversified development of sex underwear, and various signs show that sex underwear has infinite possibilities in the future.