Sexy underwear on the street map

Sexy underwear on the street map


In the past ten years, the influence of sexy underwear in the fashion industry has become increasingly greater. From private occasions to public places, we can see women wearing sexy underwear.Whether it is sexy underwear, beauty underwear, adult underwear, or European and American underwear, there are many different choices, but some people may not be able to solve the varieties and forms of affectionate underwear, especially when wearing erotic underwear from homeEssenceThis article will explore some basic elements about sexy underwear on the street.

Choose suitable occasions

When we consider what kind of sexy lingerie to wear out, we must first consider the occasion.Some occasions are solemn or formal and need to wear decent underwear, such as company dinner or wedding celebration.Other occasions, such as going out with friends at night, shopping, or simple night evening dress, you can boldly try sexy underwear, but you must choose the design that conforms to the human curve, avoiding too exposure and exaggeration.

Color choice

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When choosing the color of sexy underwear, it is best to avoid too bright colors, because this color may be too public.On the other hand, too dull color is not very suitable for out of the street.It is best to choose some bright and soft colors, such as black, white, pink, purple or beige.These colors can bring people a refreshing and elegant feeling.

Style choice

When we go out wearing sexy underwear, we need to choose the right style.Some people may want to choose very sexy underwear to highlight their own curves.However, pay attention to maintaining beauty and elegance.It is best to choose stylish, comfortable sexy underwear, such as non -strap, no vest, marking underwear, etc. These styles can also shape their shapes well.


When we go out wearing sexy lingerie, makeup is also considered.To make makeup and underwear, so as to better show the overall beauty.For sexy underwear, you can consider choosing blue or brown as the color of the eye shadow.For European and American underwear, you can choose smoky makeup and bright lipstick.


Attending the formal occasion, properly matching some jewelry or high heels can make you more brilliant.But if it is a simple party or shopping, the too gorgeous accessories will be a bit inappropriate.It is best to choose simple accessories, such as necklaces and earrings to show a low -key beauty.

Pay attention to matching and overall coordination

The style of dressing on the streets is diverse, but not all ways to wear can be successful.If you want to stand out among everyone, you need to pay attention to matching with the overall coordination, especially the external wear of sex underwear.Not everyone is suitable for the same color with inner outerwear. If you have the characteristics of your clothes, you can try different different erotic underwear and its matching methods.

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Selection of size

For women who wear sexy underwear on the street, they must pay most attention to size choices.There are many uncomfortable places because the wrong selection of mistakes, and it will affect the effect of underwear.When choosing underwear, you must tailor it and try to penetrate different types of underwear to ensure that the size is right. It is best to fully consider the comfort of going out.


For ordinary clothes, women know that they can shape their own shapes through skirts and tops, but for sexy or European and American underwear, related matching skills may be very different from the combination of ordinary dress.A conventional skill is to match black or white suit jackets and sexy underwear on formal occasions to highlight the elegance of women.You can choose a thin jacket, casual or cheetable denim in shopping or gathering to match.

Reference style

Many women have doubts about sexy underwear, especially in public, in order not to bring discomfort and problems.But we can choose some popular and conventional styles to refer to, such as deep V -neck underwear, off -the -shoulder tops, perspective style T -shirt tops, etc.These styles are suitable for women with different figures, skin tones and styles, and can show their aesthetics while not deviating from their own style.

in conclusion

All in all, it is not easy to wear sexy underwear.We need to pay attention to choosing sexy underwear with appropriate occasions, suitable colors and sizes, with appropriate makeup and accessories to show their beauty and elegance.But don’t forget to maintain nature and show our style, after all, we just wear it for ourselves!