Sexy underwear AVQ Recommendation

1 Introduction

In modern society, sexy underwear has become an important choice for women to show self -confidence, beauty and autonomy.

AVQ is a well -known sexy lingerie brand. The concepts of rich products, excellent quality, excellent quality, adherence to design and comfort, are deeply favored and favored by women.In this article, we will recommend some sexy underwear of some AVQ brands for everyone, hoping to help some women who need to choose sexy underwear.

2. Green Wild Fairy

The Lvye Xianzun series is one of the hot -selling products series of the AVQ brand. It is made of high -grade lace and high -quality embroidery materials, showing the feminine feminine attitude.The design is very sophisticated. It is equipped with elements such as lace, bow, and beads, which allows women to exude unique charm and suitable for wearing various occasions.

3. Muse goddess

The Muse Goddess Series launched by the AVQ brand is a sexy shirt and shorts.The shirts use high -end silk to further improve the temperament of women and the overall affinity, while shorts are specifically extended, which can better modify the leg shape and also protect women’s privacy.

4. Perfume rose

The perfume rose series is a nude sexy underwear. It uses high -quality flat silk, lace and transparent grid fabric. The design is extremely sophisticated.The V -shaped low -voltage line on the chest makes the chest show the characteristics of hope and gentleness.Very suitable for female friends with large sizes.

5. Baihua Yingchun

Baihua Yingchun series is a black sexy underwear. The cup is designed with a large size, which provides full support for the chest. At the same time, the red flower design makes the overall erotic underwear more noble and can make women fully show their charm.

6. Angel wings

The Angel Wing series, with high -quality gauze fabrics, combined with some new LACE, can make women’s skin the best care.The overall appearance design is more like a pair of wings. It can give women more sense of freedom in the process of wearing, and it is also unique in the field of fun underwear.

7. Rabbit girl

The rabbit girl’s sexy underwear is simple and generous in shape. The transparent grid cloth on both sides can make women look more mature and moving through the skin of women’s underwear.comprehensive.

8. Sexy bikini

Sexy bikini, with very good elasticity and hygroscopic fabrics, allows women to emit their own fashion style in summer, and at the same time, the design of the gathering point with the waist is also very prominent.The entire pants tube and the design of the jacket can also help women fully show their charming shoulders and chest when wearing underwear.

9. Poppies

Poppy flower language is more unique in the design of metal jewelry.And while using soft materials, it also fully guarantees the comfort of wearing. At the same time, it is more suitable for women who are bold and eager to express their claims.

10. Pirate King

It is different in style. The erotic underwear of the Pirate King is a veil with a hat, which can fully show the fashion style of women.At the same time, cotton materials are used, mixed with lace, so that women’s dressing effects are more sexy and charming.The overall color style is also more colorful, which is more suitable for wearing on makeup and dances and other activities.

In short, the sexy underwear of the AVQ brand covers a variety of women’s personalized needs and styles, which allows women to fully show their fashion charm and self -confidence when they are, if the female friends who want to buy sexy underwear, the AVQ brand brand will be a good choice.

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