Sex underwear open file photo

What is sexy underwear opening file?

Sex underwear opening photo refers to a kind of sexy underwear with "cave entrance" in a private part.Because it has an open design, it can make the wearer more convenient to perform sexual behavior, so it is favored by couples.

Sexy underwear open file photo style

There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as: T -shaped pants, sling, three -point style, opening stockings and so on.Each style has its own unique design to meet the needs of different wearers.

Quotation of sexy underwear open -file photo materials

Interest underwear open -file photo generally uses soft and breathable fabrics, such as cotton, nylon, etc. This material is not only comfortable to wear, but also not easy to allergic.So be sure to see the material before buying, choose the one that suits you.

Who is suitable for wearing fun underwear to open a picture?

First of all, the opening of the sexy underwear is designed for sex.Only when couples are used can it play the greatest role.Secondly, it is suitable for those who have a certain understanding of sex, because wearing, unloading, cleaning and other aspects require certain skills.

How to choose a sexy underwear to open the file?

Pay attention to the following points to choose a sexy underwear:

Choose a style and size suitable for your body.

Pay attention to the material to avoid allergies.

When purchasing, it is best to buy it in a regular sexual product merchant to ensure quality and safety issues.

How to wear a sexy underwear to open a picture?

Pay attention to the following points of wearing a sexy underwear:

First, make sure that the hygiene of yourself and the other person’s private parts is good.

Be careful not to scratch your sensitive parts.

Use correctly, do not pull too much damage.

How to clean and maintain sexy underwear to open the file?

Pay attention to the following points when cleaning sex underwear:

First, clear the accumulated dirt and secretions.

Wash it with special cleaning solution.

Can’t rub it hard, it is best to use hand washing.

Put it in a ventilated and cool place when drying, do not directly expose it.

When do I need to change the sex underwear to open the file?

When the following situation appears in the opening of the sexy lingerie, you need to replace the new one:

Tear, relaxation and other conditions affect the effect of use.

Cleaning discoloration, deformation, etc., affecting the wearing experience.

The use time is too long and deteriorated, affecting hygiene and health.

The risk and precautions of sexy underwear on underwear

The use of sexy underwear open files needs to be paid attention to the following safety issues:

Before use, make sure that the private parts of the private parts are good.

Pay attention to safety during use to avoid unnecessary accidents during use.

Wash it in time after use to avoid bacterial reproduction.

The place of storage should be dry and ventilated to avoid humidity on the open crotch.

Viewpoint: Interesting underwear open -stall photo is both a sexy manifestation, but also a condiment of life

As a kind of daily necessities that increase the fun and fun, it can not only stimulate and fun, but also make the relationship between couples closer and harmonious.However, it must be used properly, pay attention to hygiene and safety issues.

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