Rope on the neck of sexy underwear

Details of sexy underwear design

When buying sexy underwear, many people noticed the thin ropes around their necks.These details are designed to highlight your body curve and beauty.Here are some important details about the rope around the neck of sexy underwear.

Selection of color

The color of the rope should be coordinated with the color of the underwear.Moreover, the color selection of sexy underwear should take into account the impact of skin tone.Asian skin tone is suitable for light colors, while black people are suitable for dark colors.Other skin tones need to be dark or medium -color.

Rope material

Generally, the rope on the neck of the sexy underwear is usually made of silk.This material is soft, comfortable, and good. It can better match underwear without tightening your neck to make you feel uncomfortable.

detail design

In sexy underwear, the design of the rope is also very important.Some manufacturers will add decorations to ropes, such as beads and lace.These details make the sexy underwear look more beautiful and sexy.

Rope length

The length of the thin rope should be just right, neither too long nor too short.Too long thin ropes will make you feel embarrassed, and too short thin ropes may tighten your neck, making you feel very uncomfortable.

Ignore bad quality

When buying sexy underwear, pay attention to quality issues.The poor quality of the rope may make you feel uncomfortable, or the broken rope breaks lead to embarrassment.Therefore, you must choose a reputable brand when buying.


For sexy underwear, ropes are not necessities.It exists for your personal preferences.If you don’t like, you can choose underwear without ropes, or change a style.However, if you choose sexy underwear, you must treat it seriously and properly match accessories.

Putting points

In terms of details, other accessories such as headdress, hand ornaments are usually considered.Colors should be coordinated with each other.Of course, if you are not sure how to match, you can get some suggestions and help with the help of a professional store consultant.


Sexy underwear is sexy for women, and these small details make your sexy charm more important and more prominent.Fine detail design allows you to be more confident in words and limbs.In short, sexy underwear is to make you feel better about your body. I believe it can bring you more self -confidence and strength.

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