Recommended women in sex underwear numbers

What is sexy underwear number?

Fun underwear number, also known as Pinfan, is a product recognition code commonly used in the Japanese adult video industry, allocating a unique encoding for each product.This encoding system is very useful for distinguishing different sexy lingerie styles, which is convenient for consumers to choose their favorite styles when shopping.

How to choose a sexy underwear number that is suitable for you?

Selecting a sexy underwear number that is suitable for you needs to consider many factors, including styles, sizes, materials, etc.When choosing a style, pay attention to your body lines and personal preferences to avoid choosing styles with too tight or impermeable materials.In addition, the size is also very important. Taking the conference will make the underwear lose sexy effects, and too small will affect comfort.

Recommended sexy underwear numbers suitable for different occasions

Interest underwear has different styles and functions, suitable for different occasions and situations.Here are some sexy underwear numbers recommended under some conventional situations:

Romantic dating: QFD-001

QFD-001 is a sexy underwear with wave-shaped design, suitable for romantic occasions such as romantic dating and candlelight dinner.It shows the sexy charm of women through the texture of design and materials.

Dating dinner: QFD-005

If you want to show your sexy and charming in a party and dinner, QFD-005 is a very good choice.Its perspective design and smooth lines make you stand out in the crowd.

Private meeting: QFD-008

QFD-008 is a high-quality sexy underwear, suitable for private meetings and intense business occasions.Its design is simple and generous, without losing noble and deep, showing the elegant temperament of women.

Adventure Tour: QFD-012

QFD-012 is a multifunctional sexy underwear. It uses high elastic materials and wet-conducting and breathable design, suitable for wearing when adventure tourism.Its special material can effectively absorb moisture, making you feel refreshing and comfortable when you are in the wilderness.

How to maintain sexy underwear?

The maintenance of sexy underwear is very important, especially for some exquisite lace and detail design styles, be careful.Here are some suggestions for maintaining sexy underwear:

Hand washing, don’t machine washing

For most sexy underwear, hand washing is the best way to maintain.Use neutral detergent, wash warm water, do not use high temperature water and powerful friction, let alone bleach.

Dry, don’t dry up

The material of sexy underwear is relatively weak, and drying may affect the overall quality of the material.It is recommended to hang the sexy underwear in a cool and dry place to dry.


Different styles and materials require different ways to keep them.Category storage can effectively protect the shape and materials of underwear.Put the sexy underwear in a ventilated and dry place to avoid being placed in a humid and dark place.

in conclusion

The choice of sex underwear numbers is suitable for your body and preference. Choose different styles in different occasions. Reasonable maintenance of sexy underwear can extend the service life.

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