Live trials of sexy shirts


With the popularity of social live broadcasts, some merchants have begun to try sex underwear in the live broadcast room to attract consumers.However, this behavior caused some controversy.This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of live -streaming trials from various angles.

Confused consumers

Although the merchant claims that the live broadcast of live -streaming is to allow consumers to better understand the product, in fact, this behavior can easily confuse consumers.Merchants may use beautifying shooting angles or specific light to make the product look better than the actual situation.In addition, the figure of the trial model may be largely different from the real consumer body, which makes consumers unable to truly understand the effect of the product.

Privacy of modeling models

Live trials of sexy underwear will not only cause a certain degree of distress to consumers, but also may cause the risk of violating privacy to try on models.Some merchants may sneak shots in the process of trying on. Such behaviors are immoral and may be punished by law.

Increase sales

Although there are some negative impacts on live -stream trials, merchants can still increase sales in this way.Live trials of sexy underwear can make consumers see the product effect more intuitively, which is more likely to cause their desire to buy.In addition, some merchants will set up a special sales link in the live broadcast room to guide consumers to buy.

Increase marketing costs

Although live -stream trials can bring sales growth, merchants also need to pay a lot of costs for preparations for live broadcasts, model costs, and commissions for live broadcast platforms.If the effect of the live broadcast is not as expected, these costs may become a burden on merchants.

Affect the brand image

Live trials of sexy underwear may also have a negative impact on the brand image.If the model tried on is not sufficiently protected, or the live broadcast content is too vulgar, this will affect the credibility of the brand.

Increase the sales of physical stores

In addition to online sales profits, live trials of sexy underwear can also bring growth for physical store sales.After seeing the live broadcast, some consumers will go to physical stores for trial and purchase, thereby increasing the sales of stores.

Improve consumer loyalty

Live trials of sexy underwear can increase consumer loyalty to merchants.If consumers are interested and satisfied with the trial process, they are likely to buy the same brand or type of products again, thereby increasing merchant brand loyalty.

final conclusion

Overall, live -broadcast trials have their advantages and disadvantages.Merchants need to weigh factors in all aspects and decide whether to choose this marketing method.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of consumers and models to avoid illegal and immoral marketing behaviors.

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