Fun underwear wild stimulus

Charm of sexy underwear field stimulus

Some people like to enjoy the excitement brought by sex in the bedroom, while some people like to try a fresh experience outdoors.Wild sex requires more courage and caution, but it will also bring unparalleled excitement and happiness.

Buy sexy underwear suitable for field sex

Interest underwear is an important part of sexy sex, which can not only increase sexual interest, but also protect privacy and security.It is very important to choose suitable sexy underwear. It is best to choose comfortable, convenient and safe styles, such as opening underwear, lace bra, etc.

Consider the weather and the environment

Before sex in the wild, we must consider the weather and the environment to avoid scenes with wind and rain, high temperature or too low temperature.In addition, try to avoid field sex in places with many people or inaccessible people, so as not to be discovered or dangerous by others.

Wild sex needs to pay attention to safety

Wild sex must pay attention to safety, especially women should be more careful when performing wild sex, choose the right place, and prepare condoms and contraceptives in advance.

The choice of sexy underwear depends on the occasion

Sex underwear is an indispensable element of sexy sex, but it also depends on the occasion in the choice.If it is a very desolate place in the mountains and forests, it is irritating when it is intimate. It is recommended to choose more unrestrained styles, such as transparent lace underwear or backless outfits.

keep clean

After the sex of the field is over, sexy underwear also needs to be cleaned or disinfected to avoid follow -up trouble.Try not to put sexy underwear in the wild to avoid skewers or suffering from the nature of nature.

Fixed your own sexy underwear

In the field of sex, be sure to ensure that your sexy underwear will not unintentionally loose or fall off.This will not only affect the sex experience, but also cause embarrassment.

Try different postures

In the field of sex, you can try different postures, such as standing, sitting or lying down, etc., to enhance the irritating and diversity of experience.But pay attention to physical safety and protection of privacy.

Enjoy the breath of nature

In the field of sex, you can hear the sound of the bird’s murmur and enjoy the atmosphere of nature. This will bring people an unprecedented pleasure and relaxation, making people feel more free and vivid.

Conclusion: It is important to choose the right venue and timing

In the wild sex, it is important to choose the right field and timing.Although the wild sex brings unparalleled stimuli and pleasure, pay attention to protecting yourself and privacy and avoiding dangerous accidents.It is best to choose a safe, private, and comfortable place to make full consideration and carefully prepare to obtain the best experience and memories.

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