2017 sex underwear trend

2017 sex underwear trend

1. The mainstream of lace

In 2017, the mainstream material of sexy underwear was lace.Lace has been redesigned and developed, becoming more exquisite and delicate materials.This material can not only show women’s sexy and elegant, but also highlight the body curve and leave a deep impression on people.

2. Pay attention to modern style

Modern -style sexy underwear is favored by more and more women.This style of underwear usually has simpler and fashionable design elements, which is more suitable for young women and confident women.

3. Customized sexy underwear

Now, more and more sexy underwear brands have launched customized services to provide users with products that fit more fit for personal needs.This trend makes it easier and comfortable to buy sexy underwear.

Fourth, innovative underwear style

The trend of sexy underwear in 2017 is from tradition to modernity, and represented by more innovative styles.From the outline of the corset of the body curve to the very emotional satin noodle skirt, the sexy underwear design is showing a more diverse direction.

5. Pay more attention to functionality

Nowadays, sexy underwear is no longer just to show the beauty of the body, and pay more attention to its functional improvement.Some brands are launching underwear products with functions such as warmth, tightness, and massage to meet consumer needs.

6. Combining exercise elements

More and more women like to combine sports elements to wear comfortable and fashionable sexy underwear.File underwear brands have also discovered this trend, and they have launched sports underwear with both design sense, providing the best choice for sports women.

7. Retro sexy underwear rise

Retro -style underwear is gradually entering people’s sight.Different from traditional sexy underwear, with retro -element underwear styles, focusing on texture and design, it feels more quaint and quiet, and its style is more unique.

Eight, rich colors and diverse

In 2017, the color of the sexy underwear has more diverse attributes. From classic black and white, red to spectacular blue and purple. The color tones are rich and diverse. You can choose according to taste and temperament.

Nine, art design becomes the latest trend

Art design is used in the production of sexy underwear. In order to make people feel the artistic style through underwear, make sexy underwear more collectible, and become one of the preferred choices for many underwear enthusiasts.

10. Personalized matching style

Different style of sexy underwear has also become the current trend. People not only wear it as pajamas, but also match them out of the street to better show their personal style and taste.

In short, the trend of sexy underwear in 2017 is developing in a diverse direction.Whether you are classical, modern, wild, or art, you can find underwear that is most in line with your identity and style in the market, so that you can feel great confidence and satisfaction while dressing up.

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