Xi’an Yanta Fun underwear Football Club

Introduce Xi’an Yanta Fairy Lingerie Football Club

The sex underwear football club located in Yanta District, Xi’an is a special place that combines sexy underwear and silk foot massage.As a result, its high -quality services and amazing facilities are famous locally.Here, guests can relax and enjoy a wonderful experience.

The facilities and services of the club

The decoration of the club is elegant and the environment is comfortable and pleasant, giving people a sense of tranquility and comfort.The club offers various sexy underwear and stockings, and guests who meet different needs.In addition, silk foot massage is also a major feature of the club.The club provides a variety of different oils. Different oils can produce different massage effects.

Club technician team

The club’s technical team is composed of professional training technicians, and they are very familiar with all kinds of stockings and sexy underwear.The technicians have rich experience and a set of effective massage techniques.They can help guests relax their minds and minds and relieve the pressure in daily life.

Types of service content

Guests can choose different types of underwear and stockings, and can choose from different fragrance and oil.Silk foot massage is also divided into types such as massage leisure, body relaxation, massage body and other types.Different services have different charging standards to meet different customer needs.

Intimate service details

The service staff of the club is very intimate and thoughtful.They have prepared various supplies, including toiletries, dental tools, paper towels, bath towels, etc., which is convenient for guests to wash before use.

The club’s appointment method

Customers can make an appointment or make an appointment.If you need more services and items, you can contact the phone or WeChat in advance.In order to ensure the quality of the service, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance, so that the club can prepare more full resources in advance and provide better services for guests.

Price preferential policy

In order to attract more new customers, the club has formulated a variety of preferential policies.For example, the first service of the new customer can enjoy a discount of 20 % off at 500 yuan; friends recommend each other, and they can get discount discounts and so on.

The route to the club

Take the Metro Line 3 from the city center to get off at Yanta Road Station. It can reach the club for about 10 minutes, which is very convenient.If you need to drive, the club provides sufficient parking spaces, and parking is very convenient.

Word of mouth and evaluation of the club

The club has passed a number of certifications, such as ISO9001 quality certification, which ushered in praise from many customers.Customers have given high evaluations of the club’s environment, services, and atmosphere, and have become one of the representative places for local sexy underwear and silk foot massage.


Xi’an Yanta Funwear Football Club is a place to combine sexy underwear and silk foot massage.The club has high -quality services, excellent facilities and professional technicians. There are many types of services and can meet the needs of different customers.Through preferential policies and many word -of -mouth evaluations, it was highly praised by customers.

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