Women’s sexy underwear comfortable

Women’s sexy underwear comfortable

Interest underwear is not only to attract the eyeballs of the opposite sex, but also to increase sexual interests and pleasure between sexes.However, in addition to the interaction between men and women couples, women can also use sexy underwear to comfort each other to enhance emotion and pleasure.Next, this article will introduce the relevant knowledge and skills of women’s sexy underwear.

1. Understand the types and styles of women’s sexy underwear

Women’s sexy lingerie and men’s and women’s sexy underwear are slightly different.Women’s sexy underwear includes bra, underwear, role -playing clothing, handcuffs, leather whip, etc.Among them, the most popular are restrained utensils and role -playing clothing.Some styles and styles of women’s erotic lingerie, such as the lace edges of bra and underwear, and one -piece underwear are more suitable for women to comfort each other.

2. Choose suitable sexy underwear

It is important to choose a suitable sexy underwear.Different people have different needs and preferences.When buying a sexy underwear, you should buy suitable underwear based on the shape of the two parties, and choose the appearance design according to the preferences of the two.You can also choose different erotic underwear according to the needs of the role.

3. Understand the skills of women’s mutual comfort

Women’s comfort requires more skills and methods.You can use double -headed penis, oral comfort and other methods.If you want to increase fun and pleasure, you can try sex underwear for mutual comfort.You can use sex underwear for massage and simultaneous stimulation of both parties to increase pleasure.

4. Use role -playing clothing to increase sexual interest

Role -playing is a special way for women to comfort each other.Wearing different role -playing clothing can stimulate the imagination of both parties and increase sexual interest.The combination of role -playing clothing can also increase the effect of sexy underwear and make the entire mutual comfort process more interesting.

5. Use leather whip, handcuffs and other props to increase interest

For some women who like mild SM, they can try to use props, handcuffs and other props to increase interest and pleasure.When using these props, pay attention to safety and attention to avoid damage and normal work and life on the body.

6. Use of concentrated solution and lubricant

The concentrated fluid and lubricant are an indispensable tool for women’s comfort.Lubricants can effectively reduce friction and pain, making the mutual comfort process more comfortable.However, you need to choose the appropriate lubricant based on the sexy lingerie materials used, otherwise it will destroy the material of the sexy underwear.The concentrated solution can increase the pleasure and stimulation, but it needs to be used according to personal preference.

7. Keep cleaning and hygiene

Women must pay attention to cleaning and hygiene when comforting each other.When using sexy underwear, every time you comfort and use it, you need to clean the sexy underwear and the stimulating parts to avoid infection with bacteria and affecting health.

8. Pay attention to private privacy

Women’s comfort is a very personal and personal thing. In the process of mutual comfort, we need to pay attention to each other’s privacy and feelings.The two sides need to respect each other and abide by each other’s boundaries and bottom lines, and must not invade each other’s personal and mental privacy.

In summary, women’s comfort is not only a way to increase emotions and pleasure, but also a way to increase each other’s understanding and communication.In the process of interaction, you need to carefully choose sexy underwear and props, and abide by basic hygiene and privacy rules.Women’s comfort requires the interaction and collaboration between the two parties, and also requires enough trust and communication.

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