Will you resist your wife?

The definition and role of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear, a sexy and teasing underwear, is an essential choice for wives to enhance personal charm, enhance self -confidence, and improve the quality of life of husband and wife. Wearing sexy underwear for his wife is a way to express love and emotion.

The challenge and resistance of buying sex underwear

Many men may encounter the embarrassment of buying sexy underwear for their wives.Sorry, dare not buy, do not know how to buy, worry about his wife’s reaction, etc., is the main reason that hinders men’s purchase of sexy underwear.

Break the embarrassment, take the initiative to choose to buy

First of all, it is necessary to clarify your purpose and find a sexy underwear suitable for your wife; second, if you have confidence in treating the topic of sexy underwear, good communication and communication are very helpful to reduce embarrassment and resistance.

The skills to buy sexy underwear

When buying, pay attention to the four aspects: professionalism, style, sexy, and comfort.It should be purchased according to the needs of the wife’s curve, skin tone, comfort, style and personality.

Selection of size

The choice of size is very important. Too large or too small will affect the effect. It is recommended to verify the size first when purchasing.

Material selection

When buying materials, pay attention to whether it is in line with the skin of his wife. It is recommended to ensure comfort and breathability of underwear.

Color choice

The choice of color should meet the occasions of his wife, with clothing and personal psychological needs. Different figures and complexion will distinguish the color.

Style and style choice

The style and style of sexy underwear should take into account the personality and aesthetic needs of the wife, which varies from person to person and cannot be generalized.

Specific brand and style recommendation

There are many brand and type of sexy underwear on the market. Men can buy according to their preferences and their wife’s needs.

How to give sexy underwear in time

The proper gift time and method of gift giving are very important. You should avoid giving away in too public occasions, and you should choose a romantic and mysterious time and place to give away in a timely manner.

Based on the actual situation, treat it carefully

Although buying a sexy underwear for my wife is a way to express love and emotions, it should be combined with actual situations. It should not pursue excessive passion and stimulation. It should pay attention to details and considerate. Proper efforts are really impressive.


Buying a fun underwear for his wife is a way to express love and emotion, but men should treat them rationally and should not excessively pursue passion and stimuli. Instead, they should start from the needs of the wife and pay attention to details and considerate in order to truly improve the quality of life of couplesthe goal of.

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